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Thread: My first OT thread....

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    Default My first OT thread....

    I'm S.O. BORED! I would join that school in my signature!!
    I'm bored and tired and can't suck on my paci(my bottom lip like 'cracked' in the middle and hurt if anything touch it)
    I need to find new games, I got tired of all the games I know!
    But why I Can't sleep isnt a mystery tough...I'm not sure if its because of too much sugar, food, cola, or the fact that I did not do any exercise at all during all the summer and before too...

    aaah .....tomorow...I want it now LOL

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    Sounds like me bored nothing to do and cant sleep. I suggest talking to people to pass the time, you can meet great people and have some fun talking to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powderhair View Post
    Need to get yourself something medicated for your lip.
    It seems to go by itself.

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