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Thread: BambinoDiapers stock of Mediums

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    Default BambinoDiapers stock of Mediums

    Is it normal for Bambino to be out of all of their medium sized diapers in all 3 lines (clasic-binco-teddy)?

    If so when do they normally restock those product lines since I had hope to try them but I wouldn't fit into large.

    I know there have been threads like this in the past and the suggested advice in them was emailing them but I wondered if anyone had already take the initiative to find out if they were refilling their stock.


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    I read on their website a few days ago that stock was going to be refilled in mid-September.

    I'm not a regular to their website, being from the UK, but I have not seen them out of all three lines in medium before. It will be worth the wait though - I was lucky enough to aquire a sample pack of these diapers in the past, and they were brilliant!

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    It's normal for them to have sporadic product availability. Less usual (and more annoying) for them to have mediums of all Bambino products unavailable. They were also pretty slack in letting people know when they would be available but I guess as one of the only ABDL games in town, they can afford to let people wonder.

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    it happens, I've bought a large amount of them at a time myself before then not too long after see that pop up on the site. lol

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    It didn't really surprise me that much that they were out of stock with such a niche market if a few users had made large purchases. Good to know that they plan on restocking soon.

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