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Thread: Hey, I guess :3

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    Default Hey, I guess :3

    I've been here a little while and I've not been involved at all with the community because that's not what I came here for. But I received a PM saying to make an intro so... hello?

    I guess many people are here to talk with people with similar interests but I'm here for a different reason, hence why I'm not making an effort to become involved. I'll admit a long-term (10 years semi-conscious; 5 years concious) personal interest but it's not something I intend to physically indulge in!

    Rather, I'm here because I'm curious about certain aspects of IC and AB that I want to have a more objective understanding of rather than just relying on what my own imagination conjures. Other websites seem to focus too much on AB as a paraphilia and, although I like this on a personal level, it's not what I'm looking for. I find articles on the subject are too broad and impersonal - a forum post feels more genuine.

    I wasn't planning to reveal anything about myself, but if it makes anyone more comfortable: I'm British; I'm a fiction writer (GLBTQ romance & erotic fiction); I study languages; I love East Asian & Scandinavian pop music and I adore Boy George with my whole heart and soul.

    - Tacchan.

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    Nice to meet you Tacchan. Yes Adisc is amazing. We can all agree. Well incontinence I'm not sure about. But being a TB I can help.

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    Hi Taccan,
    and welcome to the group. Firstly, people will look at your intro and at you profile to get a feel for what you are into such as ab/dl/sissy/ic etc, they will also look at your interests and hobbies mainly to see if they have anything in common with you, then they may or may not talk to you. Adisc is a community and that means a certain amount of sharing is needed from and by everyone. So you might want to tell us a little more. You mentioned AB and IC can I ask what your interest is, as I too am interested in them.

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