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Thread: Me and Ryan_d met up today!

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    Default Me and Ryan_d met up today!

    Well, we met at the mall down the street from me...We had been planning to meet for a while, finally got all the details down (two days before). Well, we planned to just walk around and maybe see a movie.

    Of course, everyone had a sale...and Ryan went crazy (thank God he lad a collar on). I about had to drag him out of the stores...He wanted to put makeup on me.

    See, I warned him that we would be walking a LOT...I think he underestimated exactly what I meant. We walked to 3 different parks, 2 stores, and 1 friend's house.

    We had lunch at a sandwich shop, very high quality food (it was, after all, fast food), then we walked to one of the two stores. We looked for Tena diapers, they didn't have any. So, we walked down to the second store. We both got candy, but no Tena's.

    Next, we walked down to a park (third one of the day), and we called my friend who lives half a mile away, who was just returning from doing something. So, all three of us walked back to the mall, and wanted to check out if there were any movies we could all see. I got an ice cream from Cold Stone, and Ryan got something from Cinnabon, then we went to get my friend a soda (I got a Pretzle Dog, which is a hotdog with dough around it).

    But then it was about time for Ryan to go back home (it made me very sad )...So me and Joey got tickets to Batman: The Dark Knight. I had already seen it, but Joey hadn't. About 10 minutes into the movie, I left, it was just boring. So I walked back home...Overall, it was a fantastic day. I really want to do it again.

    ~Me :bf-doggy-lick: and Ryan_d :bf-fox:

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    Glad to hear you had fun XD Whys everyone got to meet around the time I meet people. Xd

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    You can't leave the dark night, you just cant its soo good!

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    ...He didn't even mention that the entire time we were padded, and we learned that diapers get really annoying if you wear them for a long time.

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    I'm not sure what it says about us as a community that the strongest reaction to this thread is that Grizzy walked out on the movie, but I kind of like it.

    Anyway, glad you guys had a good time. Question for Grizzy: how did you introduce Ryan to your other friend? If you're not open, I'm guessing it wasn't "hey, this is Ryan and we both like diapers, wanna see?" Maybe in the moment you just had to say "Hey, this is Ryan" and it could be left at that, but I'm wondering if you have a backstory for how you know one another or do you care?

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    I'm glad you liked your first meeting. I've just been to one myself (in Manchester - look for the thread in the Regular's section), but apparently, I was the only person to actually wear diapers to the meeting for at least some of the time. Diapers to get uncomfortable after a certain time, gotta give you that.

    Are you going to meet again and actually see a movie together? You can do the traditional wetting contest at the movies: Each buy a large coke and see who floats off his seat first!


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    First off, I already saw the dark knight (and LOVED it) with my dad a few weeks ago, so the second time I was super tired and it was boring.

    Second, We just walked to my friend's house and I said "Hey, this is Ryan, come with us...?"

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    Glad to hear you two had a good time, after all that is what is important, right!!

    Off-Topic -
    I don't like the Dark Night at all, Batman was better!! Keaton is a much better Batman & Nicholson played the Joker the right way!! The 2 newest Batman movies, not so good!!

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