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    Have any of you gone through years of a niggling need at the back of your mind to regress? How long did it take you to give into those wants and become an AB? Did you start it as a TB?
    I'm curious to thhis because I remember wanting to act more like an infant since as long as I can remember, but never truly understood the want. Then it scared me to think I might be mentaly regressing. But then I found that if I give into the need for a few hours or so I feel more like an adult.
    Basically I'm just wondering if anyone else has gone through the long period of insecurity from this.

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    Not so much. I knew I wanted to regress from an early age, probably around seven. Pretty much from there on out, I made it a mission to acquire padding and such. I suppose I didn't have the proper terms to go with it (regressing, ABDL, etc.), but I knew exactly what I was going for.

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    I knew since childhood as well that I wanted to regress and the feelings stayed dormant for some time but still remained there. It took my a while to stop being insecure and accept it.

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    As long as you manage your regression it shouldn't be something to be afraid of. When it starts to be an all encompassing desire that keeps you from being an adult, then you should be afraid.

    For as far back as I can remember I've had feelings that I wanted to be or act younger, and when I indulge in those feelings I am always happy. I've only ever felt insecure about those feelings when they come into my mind at a time when I can't indulge in them.

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    I'm constantly wanting to regress. I've wanted to as far as I can remember, which was years ago. I even remember wanting to be an infant again at a young age (though not young enough to be considered an infant, I was perhaps 10-11). I think I never understood what it was I actually wanted, I was simply to young or not 'intelligent' enough to know at the time. It wasn't until I hit my teens that I understood how regression works and fully understood it. I now do it often: Paci's, diapers, cartoons & pretty much anything else I can do to help me regress.

    It isn't a permanent thing however, so it isn't really a problem. I find 2-4 hours of regressing is nice enough. Then all returns to normal and before I know it, I'm backing to being a boring teenager!

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    Never really went through a insecurity but I remember when younger thinking about wanting to regress, wear, have a caretaker, etc. etc. Of course, since then it only took about 5-7 years to figure out exactly how weird I am =P. Granted there were times I did feel odd about it, and dealt with the creepers (and still feel like an idiot for the bullshit I'd believe years ago).

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    this was always a huge problem for me at the beginning. I wasn't very far from the age most people want to regress to and I acted upon it to be younger, parents thought i was weird because I didn't wanna grow up like most normal little boys/girls do.

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    I think my 'need' was suppressed in the subconscious and dormant for a long time - it was only the beginning of this year that I actually considered regression. Prior to then however, I do remember having odd 'interests' throughout my childhood without even realising why. For example if anyone ever mentioned nappies, or if I walked down the baby aisle in a supermarket, I'd feel an adrenaline buzz. I also experienced many dreams involving nappies and plastic pants for some reason. I never acted on it though as I was socially conditioned to accept that "baby stuff is for babies".

    To be honest, my teens were a bit hazy, but I think around 13-14 I discovered DL 'stuff' on p2p networks and I was hooked. This made me aware of AB things too, but I actually found that sort of stuff a bit too weird for me... until recently. I think I was 20 when I moved out and felt safe enough to obtain adult sized nappies. Then a couple years of binging and purging took place before this year when I finally accepted the whole thing, which coincided with my AB side developing as well.

    The only time my 'need' stressed me out was when my stash ran low/out. Now I make sure to keep really well stocked all the time, so that when my need hits me, I've got that mental security knowing it's there. I can still sometimes go for weeks with no interest, but that's OK - as long as my stash is safe and within reach, then I'm good. Funny how my mind works!

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    For me it comes and goes. Lately, my life hasn't been going as smoothly as I'd like. So I've had the urge to act like a baby more often. I just purchased the largest order of diapers and adult baby supplies of my life because of the urge. Sometimes I wish I could regress into a little baby all the time. Waking up everyday carefree. Having someone change me, dress me, and push me around all day would be paradise....sigh, but it's not realistic and there are times where I love being an adult in charge of myself and all of my actions.

    I guess what I'm saying is life is about balance. Sometimes in life we feel uncomfortable and to help balance the discomfort we feel a desire. In our case, regression, diapers, pacifiers, onsies, etc. It's healthy to feed your desires (and I love feeding mine!) as long as it doesn't begin to take over your life and become a destructive habit (which I doubt it will )

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