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Thread: Is the urge to be in diapers stronger in the morning?

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    Default Is the urge to be in diapers stronger in the morning?

    Does anyone feel more compelled to wear/ be diapered in the morning or when you first wake up as apposed to when youve been awake for 8 or 9 hours or more already? Is the feeling of a wet or messy diaper amplified in the morning?

    I dont mess but I definately feel more relaxed and calm when I wake up in a diaper and the urge to be diapered is definately increased in the mornings? Does anyone else find this?

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    I don't feel the urge that strong in the morning but whenever I go to bed the urge to be in diapers is so much stronger. I'm usually to lazy to wear though =/

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    I read somewhere that the sexual urge in most humans reach a peak in the morning. It seems true, because I've experienced it first-hand (morning wood, anyone?)

    So yeah, that's probably why you're more compelled to wear in the morning. Personally, when I sleep diapered, I would stay in the same diaper until the afternoon of the next day. The desire seems stronger the next morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crobat View Post
    (morning wood, anyone?)
    God, I HATE that, it makes me scared To go down stairs to eat breakfast because people see it

    As for the question, I love waking up diapered, and I do tend to diaper in the morning more than the afternoon if I'm home alone, and at night time. I LOVE to sleep in a diapey, and every once in a long while il wake up wet but sods law that allways happens when I'm NOT diapered, grr

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    For me, my strongest urge is when I go to bed. I love being diapered at the end of a stressful day. Of course I like wearing thru the next morning as this is when I usually wet.

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    Like most others posting in this thread, i'm more inclined to do so in the evenings, sleep through the night and get un - padded an hour or two after I get out of bed.

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    The only time I have an urge to wear in the morning is when I'm still in one from last night lol

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    I love wearing a diaper in the morning! When I can do so without fear of being caught (usually a couple of times a week), I like to get up in the morning and immediately use a diaper instead of the toilet. There's usually no "getting off" in the morning, though. Rather, I just enjoy having a bit of that warm, squishy feeling before I head off to work or to wherever I'm going. It sets me up for a good day.

    As a consequence of my diaper habit being in permanent "stealth mode," I only get to wear to bed a few times a year (when the family is out), however I do tend to have most of my wet diapers in the evening (at least one wet diaper a day), if only because that's the time I find the most privacy.

    But morning diapers are great!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Crobat View Post
    first-hand (morning wood, anyone?)
    Maybe I'm just really immature, but I found that to be incredibly hilarious. First-hand, morning wood...I see what you did there.

    *clears throat* But seriously, I agree with most of the other posts, going to sleep carries a much stronger urge to wear than waking up does. The urge for wetting is increased a bit in the morning though, but the urge to use the bathroom first thing in the morning is higher anyway.

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    I think it varys from person to person, i only diaper around 3 or later for some reason but i do like waking up in a diaper

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