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Thread: Diapers in south america and customizing diapers

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    Default Diapers in south america and customizing diapers

    Just started exploring ABDL, so I talked with my partner about this and was very supportive, didn't freak out or anything and we tried buying some adult diapers (tena) to see what happened. It turned out to be great, still, the tena isn't really my thing, I like childish ones more, so I researched in this forum and other places and saw that the goodnights might be the answer, the problem is that they aren't available in my country...

    Then I just desperately tried to buy the biggest diapers I could find in the baby section, turned out to be some huggies pullups for training (have sesame street designs ), I know they wouldn't fit, but I bought them anyway. I ended up opening them and putting tape in the sides so they could fit, it worked awesome but they look awkward.

    So, here's my question, is anyone from south america that have the same problem? many brands won't come here, what are your solutions? have you customized your diapers to be the way you like? how do you do it?

    As a side note I like smells and as the diapers I own don't have any remarkable one, I sprayed some perfumes on them so they smell nice

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    Hi, WiLiKi! Welcome to ADISC!

    Well... You've already done what I think a lot of us did with our first package of baby diapers: Try to make them bigger! And it does work. Sort of. Baby diapers are easy to get, inexpensive, and obviously very babyish! This is what I do to wear them.

    After that, ordering diapers may be the way to go, particularly if you have a partner who doesn't mind your wearing diapers. I know that some of the diapers made specifically for the AB/DL community--ABU Cushies, SDK, Bambinos--come with baby diaper prints and scents, so if the size of actual baby diapers is a showstopper, those are something to consider!

    Best of luck and welcome again!

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    Thanks, and woah nice idea attaching them to boxers =)

    I can't get any of those fancy diapers in my country, well, maybe, but it would be too troublesome =P would had to get a PO BOX in USA then send them here, it would get very expensive. For now I think I'll think on better ways to make the baby ones fitable-

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    Hola y bienvenidos!

    The above is a good solution! But some additional suggestions:

    Perhaps another brand of adult diapers is the answer? I personally like the Affective Advanced brand which is made in Brazil and available throughout Latin America. They are extremely thick, relatively inexpensive, and very close to baby diapers. They are the only cloth covered disposable that I've ever liked wearing, and unlike lots of other products, they have leak guards that also make them effective. Here's link to some pictures, analysis, etc. to see if they are what you're looking for: Affective Advanced Diaperwiki e nosotros, Para nosotros:.

    However, if you're really set on Goodnites, you should check out any big box stores that you may have nearby; Wal-mart always carries the full Huggies line (although I don't know if there's a Wal-mart in Colombia!), Carrefour may have them, at least I've seen them there in other countries, etc. If that fails, you should might be able to order them online from other South American countries where they exist. As a caveat, though, I don't think that the Goodnites have been redesigned (in Central America at least), and don't have the prints, etc. that the diapers do in the US.

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    Thanks ^^ though I haven't see the Affective in stores... also, no walmart in colombia, and carrefour doesn't have Goodnites =P I've checked in three different ones, the ordering from other south american countries might work, I'll research about it =3

    btw, sad thing I discovered: ABU Cushies only deliver to Chile, Mexico and Brazil D= my country is damned.

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