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Thread: Does anyone wear 24/7 even though others are around?

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    Default Does anyone wear 24/7 even though others are around?

    I was just wondering because I noticed a lot of people only wear diapers 24/7 when no one is around to see them. Does anyone here wear their diapers all day long and use them even though other members of their family, or just other people in general around? I wear mine as often as I can, I wear them to work, at home, anywhere were I can get diapers in without anyone else knowing, and I use them as often as I can.

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    I've done it in the past, although since I actually have a choice about it now I don't do it anymore.

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    If you don't wear diapers around family, its not 24/7 sorry.

    Or at least that's what I believe.

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    I did for for like 5 days when me and my dad went camping we were in the area for my sisters graduation. Anyway I forgot if my mom said she could tell. She ,my dad, sister and brother all knew at the time I just wasn't sure if anyone noticed. I'll ask her again when I can talk to her alone on AIM or on the phone. Anyways my sister thought I was going to act like a stereotypical TB/DL and ruin the whole thing. I was like wow, I'd never do that and I never did.

    Despite me wearing I make great attempts to hide it and no one knew. I will still do it but I won't do it at my mom's since she dislikes the whole thing and would kick me out for it. I guess her friend being gay (no offense meant to gays) and her (my mom) being a drunk and a past drug user is better then me having a diaper on with a plushie and a pacifier in bed.

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    Doing drugs and drinking is normal. Being gay became nearly normal in the last decade. tb/dl still isn't. Nothing to do with relative degrees of harmfulness.

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    *raises hand* I'm 24/7... have been for several months now.

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    Hi all,

    There are times I have been in diapers for up to a month and a half, but only when I won't be going out of town. I have noticed that I tend to stay closer to the house when in diaper mode, but I don't really restrict who I see or what I do.

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    I haven't done it - but I intend to do some 24/7 wearing when I have better access to diapers, and when I do whoever is around won't matter. It is called 24/7 because it is 24/7.

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    I used to wear 24/7 cause I had to, but now I don't have to so why do it? I hardly wear diapers anymore these days except to bed some nights when I know I will be sleeping rather heavily.


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