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Thread: Botox to treat urinary incontinence

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    Default Botox to treat urinary incontinence

    Botox Approved, Again, This Time for Urinary Incontinence – TIME Healthland

    What are your thoughts? Personally, I wouldn't like to have botox treat my slight inco, but it's kind of attractive in a way that I don't have to worry about it.


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    If it works and has fewer side effects than the other drugs out there why not do it? I am not a doctor or anything so thats about all I can say about it besides ask a doctor if you are interested.

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    It's too early to tell. This Botox have side effects. I will have to wait and see if others can work successfully.

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    I wouldn't want to have any botox treatments. Botox = Botulinum
    If a Botox procedure goes wrong,
    Botulinum = Death

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    When you're holding a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

    Or more to the point, when you make hammers, your marketing people stay awake nights thinking of ways to convince people that every problem is a nail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GabeIsWinning View Post
    I wouldn't want to have any botox treatments. Botox = Botulinum
    If a Botox procedure goes wrong,
    Botulinum = Death
    It's really unlikely that you would be seriously injured/be killed by botox injections. I have seen botox injections done first hand (not on me, but while shadowing), and the amount that physicians actually inject is WAY below the lethal limit.

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    I read about this some time ago, but never thought to make a thread out of it. My curious thoughts on this are:

    If someone with an injury can take this injection and GAIN some control over their incontinence. Then if someone who was healthy and had no injuries, would a botox injection to the bladder cause the bladder muscle to relax thereby causing incontinence? To this question I have heard two answers: 1) Yes it would, but would likely only last for 6 to 10 months and 2) no, in fact it would cause a urine retention problem. meaning you would have difficulty getting urine to come out. IF answer #1 is correct, then I can see how it might generate some curiosity enough that I think some people might give it a try ( although I highly doubt any doctor would inject a perfectly healthy person to cause an incontinence condition, even if it were only for a few months.

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