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Thread: Can IC males produce children

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    Default Can IC males produce children

    Are there any IC males that, after they were rendered IC, were able to impregnate their wives?

    I have been reading a lot on the fact that my testes always in a diaper will make it so that my sperm cannot survive due to the heat. I remember once reading that an additional means of contraceptive to guys was to take a very hot bath before sex to "kill" the current load of sperm.

    I know that sperm recharge every ten or so minutes, so I am curious if, when my wife and I are ready for children, I can in fact make it happen. Would letting my "equipment" air out in the bathroom for thirty minutes before sex allow the sperm to survive and therefore give us a better chance of getting pregnant?

    Again, please forgive the embarrassing question.

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    Yes - if you were nearer I'd introduce you to my kids! The heat from close fitting clothes theory of infertility is a bit speculative and there is nothing to sa ythat a diaper need be any warmer than a lot of other types of underwear - in fact in the winter a wet one can be a lot colder! I don't think letting your equipment air before sex would make much difference and overall I don't think you have much to worry about. My guess is that if (sadly) you find your partner cannot conceive a medical investigation should be able to pin point the cause and I bet it won't be tight or warm underwear!

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    I was going to say that I have three kids. Sometimes, I'd be willing to give them to someone else for a while!!! Yes, there are doctors who say sperm count is lower when the testicles are kept warmer for any reason, but that does not mean that you and your wife cannot conceive. There is really only one way to guarantee that a man cannot impregnate a woman and that is removal of the testicles.

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    Thank you for the thoughtful responses

    That is a BIG relief to me

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    Hi Irataliw,
    the short answer is yes, in just the same way that IC women can have babies, whilst there is eveidence that keeping the testes warmer than the rest of your body does affect sperm motility (how fast the little beggars swim), it doesn't really impact on your fertility.

    Analog, there are less drastic methods of ensuring that a man is no longer fertile.

    Irataliw, to give you an example, when my late wife lost our first baby while she was still in the womb, we were advised that because of my wife's health problems and the state of her reproductive organs that if we tried for another baby, we would lose the baby and probably Alison (my wife) as well. That left us with some fairly hard decisions to make, one of them being contraception, the choices boiled down to, condoms (can and do split, leak etc), an internal device for my wife (can and do get disloged, and even occasionally don't get put in correctly in the first place), the pill or other forms of drug ( way to much risk of breast cancer, stroke and heart attack-especially long term which it would have been). Female sterilization and male sterilization. Given one of my wife's health problems was severe asthma and that the risk to her from a general anaesthetic was very high, we decided to go for male sterilization done under a local anaesthetic. After the vasectomy you have to provide samples of sperm to a lab every month until you have given them 3 consecutive samples that have no living sperm present (as the body still produces sperm), it normally takes 6 months for this to happen, in my case it took 12 months and that was despite wearing nappies or very close fitting pads a good 19 years before I met my wife, so I don't think you have to worry, ok?

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    PCBaby, you always give very helpful advice and you share so much. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

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    I would say yes, just like any content guy. Unless the "event" left him impotent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irataliw View Post
    Are there any IC males that, after they were rendered IC, were able to impregnate their wives?
    I've been wearing 24/7 for about 8 years. For reasons my Urologist cannot explain, my sperm count (also mobility) has been very low and we have been unable to conceive now for about four years. I brought up the question of diapers causing infertility to several of my doctors and the answer was no. In fact, my highest sperm count taken from a semen analysis was during the summer months when I am out in the heat and wearing a thick disposable. So, you shouldn't need to worry. From all I've read, the claims of certain clothing causing infertility are over-blown. They might cause a slight decrease in sperm, but nothing that would prevent you from conceiving.

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    I certainly hope the answer is Yes!

    I have heard (whether it's true or not) that wearing tighty whities and boxer-briefs cause your testicles to produre less sperm.

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