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Thread: Computer fail!!!

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    Default Computer fail!!!

    Can't post very well, computer failed, will be back soon hopefully, I need to reformat harddrive but I only have a 2 gig SD card to save all my important stuff to. *hoping it will post this*

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    Aww! thats not good, I hope you fix your computer, and get back here soon.

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    Alright probably wasn't a good idea to post that while having AVAST on, so here's my problem.

    My friend decided to get me to download this game called like Call to Arms or something, it's been in A LOT of ads all over the internet. Well every time I launched it gave me an error (not sure what it was though), so I uninstalled it seeing as there was really no reason for it. I then noticed that CSS WOULDN'T launch and wow was HORRIBLY slow.

    I came into firefox and noticed, it too was slow. I tried EVERYTHING I could thing of, from running a virus scan to deffraging, which defrag only took me like 10 seconds so I think somethings up there. Disc cleaner could only find like 11 MB of stuff to clean O.o. Plus I got rid of like 3 gigs of programs.

    Now my computer is lagging, I don't think my HD is reading itself correctly and is giving me the wrong amount of gigs it has left.

    Now I plan on reformating my HD which I can't do since my SD card is only 2 gigs and I have like 20 gigs of pictures, programs, and docs that I need saved to something. Plus my dad won't lend me an external HD from work even though I REALLY need one.

    So I'm stuck and have NOOOOO idea what to do.

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    You could make another partition big enough to store all your stuff then store it there, and format and reinstall your operating system.

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    Hmmm not a bad idea james, thanks =D. Now I just need a tut on how to partition, and one to format =/. YAY FOR TUTS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaki View Post

    oh darn you got me all theatre exited >.< theres a theatre company near where i live called theatre under the stars aka tuts

    but yeah listen to james hes smart im not to good with this but good luck to you

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    Exactly what James said. Boot a Linux LiveCD (Ubuntu) and partition your hard drive. copy all your stuff into the new partition (through the LiveCD!), then reinstall XP

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    Alright I'm reading a tut on how to partition, and ZOMG LAGTASTIC!!!! Anyways, it told me to make a backup of my stuff (which is why I'm lagtastic) so I'm doing that now, so hope this works, only 11 hours till my back up is done, but I won't be here most of tomorrow, randomly my friends brother who works at Aquatica and gets free tickets, invited my friend, me and his brother to aquatica, so yeah =/.

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    o.O? You're doing it through Windows? Bah. Going through a Linux LiveCD would be *heaps* faster.

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    Well I don't really want to isntall Linux, personally I don't like Linux that much =/, I'm a Windows fanboy =P.

    I have ABSOULTELY no idea what I'm doing, and I don't really want to take it to my dads IT guy at work because I do have some of teh illegals on my computer =/. The best thing I could get is probably one of my friends brothers friends (the brother I mentioned above, I do consider him my friend too though... anyways) they know EVERYTHING about computers, so much better than me. Anyways I better get to sleep waking up at 7:15 tomorrow, and my computer isn't lagging THAT bad anymore I think avast must of done something... I dunno.

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