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    Hey people,

    The system is telling me to introduce myself (which I was planning to do anyway), so I guess it's time I better had! Forum introductions of any kind are quite a new thing to me, as most online communities I've been in up to now frown upon them, believing the proof of the pudding to be the eating- and let newbies make a name for themselves on posts in real threads, believing introduction threads to be devoid of content; but I guess this way works also- particularly for a strong community-based site.

    First off, I'm a UK university student and a Diaper Lover. I'm predominantly hetrosexual in orientation, and view my DL as a fetish as opposed to a lifestyle. However I am so deeply in the closet about this all that this is the first time I've even posted on the Internet about it, being a long-time lurker of ADBL sites for the past five or so years. I'd say I've been a DL all my life, however, starting with just fantasies and thoughts in my head as I went to bed from around the age of 8 years old. For some reason, I am far more interested in plastic diapers than cloth ones (perhaps its the crinkles) and whilst not an AB, I do enjoy the concept of baby items (such as pacifiers, onsies etc.) being used in a more bondage-like adult situation.

    Up to now, with the exception of my babyhood, I have never actually worn a diaper- mainly due to the fact that I have never had enough privacy to buy or use one at home (I'm incredibly likely to be recognised by people at the local shops within walking distance- and am unlikely to be able to take the car out without my younger brother wanting to tag along)- and have not found anywhere that sells suitable diapers near my university. In the new term after the summer, having a more private room to myself (most importantly with en suite facilities!) I intend to buy some off the Internet to try them out- I just hope I'm not disappointed (being a fetishist, often the thought and build up of things tends to hold more weight than the actuality!)

    The two reasons I decided to join this site were that the wiki is excellent (even if it only has a few article at the moment- the quality is brilliant and the content informative), and the posts, rules and predominant atmosphere felt rather intelligent- the article on how to spot and deal with fake posts particularly made me chuckle.

    As for other interests, I'm torn between two conflicting thoughts of "if I give away too much I'll be identifiable" and "if anyone's reading this, they're probably into diapers also, making that a good thing." So, without giving away too much- I'm into music, both listening and creating- enjoying predominantly heavy metal, blues and classical. I also enjoy programming (particularly making indie games, but am mercenary enough to do web-based stuff for money). I tend to relax by reading sci-fi and fantasy, and although I have tried my hand at penning a few stories in the past, I've not written anything for ages.

    Having never done an intro before, I'm not really sure how to wrap up this post- but if anyone has any other questions about me, either on the stuff I've said so far, or anything else really, I don't mind answering, as long as it isn't too specific.

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    welcome to adisc, the more u give back, the more u will receive!
    thx for sharing your background and i am sure u will enjoy contributing to the site and making more lifelong freinds! ~ Will

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    Welcome to the site! I really enjoyed reading your introduction, I saw it and went and refilled my coffee! (That's a good thing, I love my coffee!)

    Music eh? That's really interesting! I enjoy music too, I've been expanding my horizons, listening to a lot more genres than I ever have before.

    I really hope to see you around and posting! I'll keep an eye out.

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    Haha- if I'm causing people to drink more coffee- I can only approve! Coffee is awesomeness.

    And yeah, I guess this is rather a long introduction- but, realising how egocentric I am, I saw that this was probably the only legitimate chance to make a thread about me! I also find it quite therapeutic just typing this kind of thing out. I find putting things into words often clarifies the thoughts behind them.

    I've always been open to expanding my genres for music- but never particularly proactive. If I have friends who are into something, I'll always give it a shot. I'm also a sucker for demo CDs from unknown bands- if anyone ever corners me at and hands me one, I'll be sure to listen!

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    oh why hello there
    and mandi has a point yay cofee ^^ so welcome and enjoy yourself
    oh oh oh i like to listen to local bands around where i live some pretty cool music yay music

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    Welcome ptdeath.

    Thank you for the excellent introduction. We enjoy getting to know people more than most forums. While AB/TB/DL/INC is the reasons we are here, our community enjoys other topics as well. In the Adult baby forum, there is a duscussion of "Mixing Bondage with *B/DL activities."

    I am glad you enjoyed the wiki. Enjoy your time here and feel free to check out the chat.

    Hope to see you around.

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