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    Hey, I'm relatively new here. I'm a student, undergrad, enjoying school and stuff. I like a lot of different things. Music, the outdoors, traveling, history, science, sports, lots more. Haven't really discovered a passion or hobbies to obsess over yet.

    I've been into diapers since I was little (I wet the bed until around 10) and started searching for diapers and things online soon after I stopped, discovering what all this was in the process, why I had such an interest and why it seemed so weird to people, even me. I prefer to keep it secret, but I wasn't all that careful at first and have been "caught" sort of, a couple times maybe, but it was when I was young enough that it doesn't matter now.

    I found this forum pretty recently, just searching around, and it seems better than most on other sites. I prefer to just read the threads as a kind of support/sense of community.
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    well... welcome. That is alot of interests. I don't personally share many of them, except for maybe science and some sports. But i am sure there are several here that can relate to most of those. I see a lot of people that come in here with the same mentality. Oh, i will just read some posts and learn some stuff... But 6 months down the road, they become very active members and are posting, sharing, and blogging about themselves. And i speak from experience.

    Welcome anyway, and i hope you enjoy it here.

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    Hi AnotherDLboy,
    welcome to the group, that's a nice intro, yep I thought I'd lurk a little then got swiftly drawn in, I like saying hi to new members.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums! - Nice intro with some nice interests. See you around!

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    Hello DLBoy. Welcome to the club. Hope you feel at home here. Can i ask what are you majoring in?

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