Previous to trying to change my password, I was known as somethingdifferent.

Then, I got to lazy to recover my account and created a new.

I believe that for me this is a good thing, as many things have changed for me since creating my original account as it did not portray me correctly, so this is me, updated and new.

Random About Me List:
I love music. It is probably the second best thing in the world.
I am a musician. I believe creating music is good for the body, soul, and mind.
I love marching band. Enough said.
J'aime parler en francais.
I am a Doctor Who fanatic, as you may have been able to deduce based on my user name which is a cheesy variation on Captain Jack Harkness.
I am an eclectic Paganish 'I-define-my-own-beliefs-and-religion' kind of person.
I love books. They are probably the third best thing in the world.
I love Philosophy and things of a similar nature. I less than three Plato.
I am not going to tell you the number one best thing in the world, because I haven't found it yet.

OK. Questions are cool. Practice caution while asking questions.