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Thread: my ferst time wearing diapers

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    Default my ferst time wearing diapers

    my first time was aftr the olklaboming my dr put me in aduls diapers and fond out i brok out in a diaper rash so she put a baby diapers on me so now i still wear thim all the time day&night like a baby

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    Houston, we have bullshit.

    Sir, if what I think I'm reading is correct, then there's a very high chance that did not and will not happen to you. Please, post this on another site. Leave ADISC out of it.

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    ... um... Google can't translate this... what language are you speaking sir?

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    doesn't seem too real but i gotta ask ,why are you in diapers all the time ,and why are you put in baby diapers.

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    A medical doctor would only do this to an adult if the doctor was insane.
    You may want to notify the proper authorities and get a new doctor.

    Could your medical professional be Dr. Ima Follovshit?

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    When did they allow Internet to be used in the nuthouse?

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    I'm closing this, since I don't foresee anything constructive coming out of this thread.

    To OP: please try to type in as close to standard English as possible. This will prevent people from misunderstanding what you are saying. Please also note that we don't like people posting their fantasies as truth on ADISC. I'm not saying you are or are not lying, but keep that in mind when posting here.

    To everyone else: please remember to call BS in an appropriate manner. See Near's article for how to do so:

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