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Thread: If your new to wearing collars in public do what I did.

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    Default If your new to wearing collars in public do what I did.

    Iwas nervus about wearing my collar outside of the house. I had bought a black leather collar with fur lining and wore every morning last winter to help keep my neck warm. I wore it under the high colar of my winter coat until putting on my collar was just like putting on a hat I would just put it on and go. I have been ask why I am wearing a collar and I just say because I like to wear it. I have also been ask only onece why I was wear ing a dog collar and I ansewered I was not I am wearing a collar for people because I like to. You could even say I wear a collar like my favorite band members. Like kiss wore all the time back in the 70s when it was the origanl band members and they were still wear ing their face makeup. I hope this helps anyone nervous about wearing a collar in public.

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    I enjoy that tremendously! "Why are you wearing a dog collar?" "I'm not! I'm wearing a people collar." "Why?" "Because I like to." :-) If only all questions in life could be answered so honestly and simply.

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