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Thread: HELP needed with sizing

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    Default HELP needed with sizing

    Hi All,
    I need to replace my terry nappies as they are getting old and thin. When my wife bought these she got me 52 inch square ones, which make a really thick nappy, but a very obvious one. It looks as if I am going to have to start wearing nappies 24/7 as opposed to the pads I've been using for my IC. So I need something with less bulk or a better fit.

    So do any of you guys use cloth nappies and have a 44 inch waist? if so can you tell me what size your cloth nappies are please, and any UK members, suggestions for a supplier. I would prefer a quality nappy with the heavier fabric weight.

    thanks All

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    i'm not a 44 waist, so not sure how much i can help with sizing, but my primary nappies are just the towels from Dunelm, of the 'hotel grade' quality. i get two out of a bath towel (once cut in half) and they hang quite low (because of their length) but that 'excess' is pulled up by the placky pants to find it's own natural place. i find this works for daytime use and without any extra padding. as i do it, they should fit a 44 waist, easily. worth a look, anyway (and cheaper than 'proper' nappies). 'hotel grade' towelling is thicker than any of the towelling nappies currently on sale, btw.

    my supplier recommendations are the usual and

    as ever, with Home-n-Dry, best to phone your order rather risk the website. their pull-up nappies are also pretty good.

    Arizona do a 'bedwetting' nappy, shaped in the hour-glass fashion, that has a pouch for a booster and that should fit you. the narrower crotch of it makes for a more discreet fit (without booster).

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    thanks Ade, I was looking at arizona myself, and a friend on another listrecommended drylife, but they have been out of stock for several weeks

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    I'm about that size round my middle. Because I've never had concealment issues with nappies (never worn in public) I've tended to go with 60-inch squares: I think that I could probably get away with a 54-inch, but I think a 48-inch square would not be quite large enough to go round me.



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    Hi BabyArtie, thanks for the info, where do you get yours from? and what fold do you use (kite, basic, chinese etc). What size pant do you have to wear to cover a nappy that big, and again what type of pant do you use and where do you get yours from.


    Hug's back

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