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Thread: I am the wife of Nick and just have questions....

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    Question I am the wife of Nick and just have questions....

    I thought I would just use Nicks account, because it would be easier. I just want to know if other 'mommy's of AB's get tired of it for periods of time?? Sometimes I'm just not 'in the mood' for like 2 or 3 weeks on end. I'm not trying to be selfish, I just want my 'MAN'. You know? If any of you could ask your wives or husbands, let me know!!! Thanks... (I hope Nick doesn't get in trouble because of me hijacking his account... lol)

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    I'll say just ask talk to him about it. If it just becomes more of a chore to do it, explain it to him. Set some rules between each other. You don't have to make a set schedule. He's very lucky to have you in my opinion. I'm sure he'll give you something back (or he BETTER in that matter). There's time for play and there's time for grown up life. He should show you some affection away from his fetish if that's what you are looking for?

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    I'm sure they do, you want your urges to be satisfied just as much as Nick wants his to be satisfied which is completely understandable. Of course it isn't selfish, I'd be very surprised if you didn't feel this way.

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    Hi PyjamaKitten,
    my wife was my mummy, but it was when mummy decided, after all in the real world it'e the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. From Nick's point of view, yes he expects you to be his mummy at the drop of the hat, but that isn't good for hima nd certainly isn't good for you relationship, unless he is prepared to be your baby 24/7 and be prepared to have you fulfill your needs elsewhere outside of the nursery. A baby needs a routine, so I suggest when you get the chance you sit down with Nick when he is in adult mode and you set the boundaries and rules and routines. That might include things like how old is baby? what sort of nappies you are prepared to change wet ones or wet and messy ones? what sort of punishment will mommy use ( this has to be age specific and agreed by both of you), my wife/mummy used to give me a stern NO, if I did it again I got a stern NO and a smack on the back of the hand, a 3rd offence got me 3 or 4 swats on a well nappied bottom ( all punishments followed by lots of love and hugs and kisses and immediate forgivness) although if my mummy got to the stage where she had to spank me she normally had to change me as well as I'd go from a 2yr old to about a very frightened 12 month old very quickly. How is he going to talk? if he's 3 or 4 you can have a reasonable conversation if he;s two or younger then insist on simple words or 2 or 3 word phrases, substituting 'W' for 'R' and 'L' so please become pweese, sorry, sowwy and so on. Is baby going to be fed and if so how, plate, bottle or breast? Nursing at your breast is YOUR Choice, he doesn't get a say in that. (Speaking of milk, is he going to drink, cow's goat's (nearest to breast, formula, or one of the ready prepared addon milks for 1 to 2 year olds - I liked that), if he is going to be spoon fed is he going to have the same as mummy or is he going to have baby food. What about enforced afternoon naps (babies and toddlers have them).

    Once you havae the basics sorted out then you move on to the big one. When and How long for. If you have your own children at home this is going to be difficult, as he is unlikely to be happy to just be passed a bottle of milk every few days and told that's all he's getting. Nick is going to want quality time so you have to decide beforehand what you can give, could it be one evening and night a week? with perhaps a full weekend once a month. If one evening and night, and you are going to do a weekend as well don't make the 1 evening a friday evening, unlesss you want to. Again set rules, once he is put down for the night, he stays down, Mummy may cuddle him when she goes to bed and may change him when she goes to bed, or perhaps a warm bottle and a cuddle. But once mummy turns her light off, no more bottles and no more changes. In the morning, undress him, take him out of his nappy and then tell him to go get bathed/showered and ready for work or whatever (however if he has been in a wet or wet/messy nappy all night once he is cleaned up, he should let mummy quickly check for nappy rash. And make sure you use a good barrier cream at changes anyway, nappy rash hurts. If you decide you can let him have a weekend as baby, then you decide when it starts and ends, if you would normally go out shopping together you make him aware that, that will continue, and that if he wets while you are out he stays like that until you get home.

    SO think of yourself and think what you could give. Think about any ground rules you really have to have in place ( such as no messy nappies), those you want in place, and those that you could bend if the situation warrented it. Write it all down as this may help when you are talking to him. Hoepfully by the end of the evening you will have come to some form of agreement. Obviously if parents arrive for the a weekend and it would normally be 'His' weekend. he'll just have to wait. But rememebr what ever happens you are in charge. Also the fact he hasa told you about his ab side means he trusts you completely and that in itself puts you in a very powerful position. It may be that you will come to enjoy this other side of your husband, and despite your reservations you may find that being his mummy some of the time becomes special for you as well. If you find you can satisify his and your needs you will not only find him extremely gratefull, you will also have one of the most loyal husbands a woman can have, that extra link in your relationship can have a profound effect on him.

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    Balance is very important in all things, and it is more then fair to want to just be grown ups sometimes. The fact that you are willing to entertain his little side at all is awesome, and he should be happy when he gets it. You are not obligated at all to do this, and as such when you say that you want adult time, thats what you get. It would be great of you to still be his mommy, but I firmly belive that you hold the cards here.

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    I agreee with BabyBeau. Balance is very important! My wife is my mommy and she enjoys taking care of baby, however, mommy also has needs of her own. Any relationship is a two way street and both partners have to be attentive to the other. It can't always be just what one partner wants. Limits must be established and ground rules followed so that no one feels pressured into something they don't feel up to. If both can come to an agreement, you will have a wonderful relationship where both sides are happy. My wife and I have had a wonderful relationship for over 10 years and our love grows stronger each day because we are attentive to what makes our partner happy and have set boundries (ground rules) so that each has equal time having their needs met. Hope you and your husband can form the kind of bond that my wife and I have made because your love for each other will grow more than you ever expected!

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    First and formost your wife is your wife and you must respect that, if you want your wife to be your mommy you have to earn that time.

    I have spent the past 27 years married to a wonderfull woman who allows me to have my diaper time, even through out my 20 years of 24-7 diapers I respected her wishes, I never once left a dirty diaper laying out, always cleaned up behind myself, ect.

    Remember this is your diaper desire not her's and you must respect her wishes also.

    Nick's wife,

    Put your foot down now befor it get out of hand and you both regret the what could very well end up in a nasty court battle in divorce court.

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    Hi Wife from nick.. You dont have to feel guilty and its normal you get tired from all this babying and rolleplaying, And you not selfish, You even dont have to do this stuffs, So Nick may be happy you treath hem like a baby, And he have to respect that you need a break from baby hem,
    I think for thos diaperlovers they have also a time they wont wear diapersand they are tired from diapers,In real life you have to fact and deal with random things , Cleaning you house cooking working doing payments, There are times you have to forget all thos rolleplaying . So yes its normal that you get tired from that

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