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Thread: bed wetting

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    Default bed wetting

    hello just being a curious bear i was wondering how many of you out there started wearing because of bed wetting

    what age (if comfortable answering) did you start bed wetting

    i myself started at an early age of 4 and til i was 12

    looking forward to your answers see ya

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    I was a consistent bedwetter til my late teens. I still have the occasional accident, but not nearly as often as I did as a teenager and child.
    Yes, it is what got me interested in diapers about the time I was 14 or 15. I figured that if I was going to have to wear them I might as well learn to enjoy them or at least tolerate them without being totally disgusted by the thought of wearing them. Oh well, it brought me to where I am now I guess.

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    Littlebear1223 I doubt you started at 4. Pretty much every one starts out wetting the bed. It's just that from zero to 3 years the bed wetting happens in a diaper.

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    well i had a medical problem when i was born my bladder was week. when i was a kid i always had to go to the doctor and get tests it was awful so i wouldn't start judging people without asking questions first( with all due respect) its just people always do that to me they always think im lyiing i hate it .

    im not some freak or something trying to get my jollys.

    sorry just frustrates me

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    Hey i was a bedwetter from borht to 17 and still do here and there. It never really bothered me because it was something that i couldnt control and if someone couldnt understand that then i guess wwhatever lol, but i only wear pull ups now

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    Well after the first round of bed wetting befor being potty trained, I kept my bed dry until the age if 20 when I once again learned to wet the bed, and I do mean the bed cause if I was not diapered the bed got wet.

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    I didn't say you where a freak. It's just that secondary wetting doesn't usually start at 4 it is just that primary bed wetting sometimes isn't noticed until the age of 4. Still it could happen. Just that I'll consider any one who says they started wetting the bed at 4 as a primary bed wetter until they indicate otherwise. At this point I guess you started sleeping dry at 3 but then your secondary bedwetting started at 4?

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    yup its cool i just have had so many people shame me and i dont like it.

    but no worries man =}

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    The shaming thing is tough-although I do hope kids today have a better deal than in the past. I had bedwettting dealt with in a variety of ways - including not so subtle shaming. As I grew older I just dealt with the bedding and didn't think about diapers until the leaking became regular and also happened in the day time. Diapers saved my sanity and let me have a good nights sleep - if there had been drynights and underjams when I was a boy life would have been a lot cooler.

    Once upon a time people who needed crutches or were otherwise disabled were treated with shame and contempt. Bedwetting has a bad name but is increasingly being shown to be a "non fault" condition that is not caused by lazyness or rebellion or any of the other things worried parents would like to pin it down to in their quest to understand what they probably see as an imperfection in the "perfect child" they imagined life's lottery would bring them.

    For me life as a bedwetter with diapers is difficult but acceptable - life as a bedwetter without protection would be intolerable. Lots of threads ahve discussed the issue of "enjoying diapers" - I enjoy the freedom and security they give me whilst still wishing I didn't need them.

    But maybe the crux of the question is about recreational wearing of diapers after the original need has passed. I am inclined to the view that what happens in peoples bedrooms or under their outer clothing is their business and no one elses - unless they choose to share. Some people might think it shameful to wear diapers recreationally - but frankly it is none of their business and you need to be strong so as to resist the tendancy to feel ashamed of being true to yourself - and not just a lemming trying to be "Mr (or Miss) average in every department of life.

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    I wet the bed when I was a lot younger. It didn't become 'less-often' until I was about 11. It did stop for about a year, but even now I can still wake up wet sometimes. Granted, it is rare and quiet annoying. But the feeling is nice providing I'm wearing a diaper/Drynite.

    My mum doesn't know I still wet the bed (because it is very rare and I always wear a Drynite to bed without failure). I'd say accidents (legitimate, non-forced accidents) happen 3-5 times every 4-6 months (although it can happen at any time, actually). I don't know if this makes me IC, but I never wet myself during the day (unless I forcibly wet myself, which is really fun and I do do it very often).

    Bed wetting isn't all it's cracked up to be. I know some people really want to be able to wet the bed, but in all seriousness I don't like it when I do it. It is unbelievably frustrating for a 17 year old male, to still wet the bed! - Don't get me wrong though, the feeling is really nice, because you don't expect it. It is somewhat quiet magical.

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