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    Default Oh hey

    Hey guys

    Well I've been interested in the thought of wearing diapers ever since I was 8. It kinda evolved into me being a teen baby when I was 15. I haven't worn diapers yet but I will (hopefully) this weekend when my parents are out of town.

    But yea that's pretty much it. I figured I should stop lurking and get an actual account.

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    Welcome! When i read your user name, i thought of this scene from futurama...

    LOL... i love me some futurama!

    Anyways... are there any shows or hobbies or anything that you like?

    Good luck on getting your hands on your first diapers and thanks for joining the community.

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    Haha yup, that is exactly why I choose this name.

    As for hobbies I like to run, listen to music, play videogames... stuff like that. I'll edit the OP with more stuff. Forgot to add things like that.

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    YAY! Another Futurama fan! I know of several on here. I have seen at least 2 Fry Avatar's. A Planet Express Ship Avatar. And someone's sig is quotes of Fry and Bender.

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    Hehe, I didn't know this particually clip, but I must admit it was hilarious!

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