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Thread: Question about diapers and heat

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    Question Question about diapers and heat

    Hey everybody. I have a simple question with a slightly detailed backstory, and Google was not too helpful, so this is the only place that made sense to ask. As those living in Texas are all too aware, it has been quite hot here recently. (As in 105-110 degrees.) I recently had the opportunity to get some incredibly cheap Molicares from a thrift store near my dad's house where I was staying over the summer. Unfortunately, I was not able to get access to them until today, and since I have to return to college in the morning, it seemed unwise to try and move them with my other things where my dad would almost certainly see them while helping me unpack.

    My solution was to have my boyfriend take them to his house in Denton and bring them up to me on the weekend. However, I recently asked him if he was able to get them into his house without his roommates noticing and he told me they were still in his car. I assume he probably plans to leave them there until he can bring them to me (not sure when this will be possible, could be this weekend or the next), avoiding the embarrassment of being discovered bringing them in. I kind of want to know if doing this will affect the condition or performance of the diapers, so that I can advise him to try to bring them inside if necessary. OTOH, if it's no problem I don't want him to stick his neck out because he's already doing me a big favor by helping me with my fetish.

    TL;DR Diapers in a car trunk for several days or a week in temps well above 100: problem or no problem?

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    Surprisingly, we have had a thread covering just this topic over here:, so I'll direct your attention there and close this one.

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