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    I need some advice. I have a former girlfriend, Leah (all names are replaced), she and I broke up just a few days ago. She can be very emotional, I know, when you brake up... She is always emotional, well our relationship went south and she is doing terrible. I talk to her every day, we are still friends. When I met her I thought that this would be a nomal jr high relationship, but I was wrong. It got out of control, way too serious. We saw counsiler, broke up, got back together. We went on for a few more months and now here we are. I would have never gotten into this if I knew what to expect, this just isn't normal. She needs help, her mom is a ***** to her and she refuses counsiling. The time we went together still haunts her.

    My real problem. My moms family live in a larger town(50,000, mine is 5,000) and my parents would be gone for two weeks so they sent me down there. I stayed with my aunt and my uncle. My dad was divorced before me so all of my cousins are much older than me. My uncles sons (my aunt and uncle just got married two years ago, his first wife died of cancer and then he met my mom's sister) are about thirty or so. One of his son has a daughter, Sara. Sara's bio dad isn't my uncle's son so she is two times away from my blood and my second cousin by two marriges. I have known her for two years and always thought she was hot, but this time I was down there I think I've fallen in love with her.

    My questions:

    1. Sould I keep contact with Leah.
    2. Sould I go back to her (I honestly sometimes want to and sometimes dred it, if I did it would probably be end up bad)
    3. Sould I go out with Sara?
    4. Is it wrong to go out with Sara?
    5. Any more advice would be great!

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    If things are not that good with this leah, I think you should move on, your young and every love affair will seem like it will last forever.

    It not your problem she dosn't get along with here people, and if you get in the middel of this your just makeing more trouble for you and her.

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    Regardless of whether Sara is blood related in any way or not, probably best not to go out with her. I personally couldn't fathom the courage to out with someone I know I'm related to, even if we are distant relatives.

    It still seems too... incestuous to me.

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    The question is, how far is she away from you in blood, needs to be VRY FAR! and how hot is she? NEEDS TO BE VRY HOT!

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    oh gosh *rembers good ol' times with bff* yeah just dont no matter how hott.
    my friend almost did that she was flirting with this guy she didnt know was her cousin till her dad told her.

    and about keeping a relationship at 14 its okay confuzzuling times you want a girlfriend thats understandable but are you trely in love are you making a life changing decision? sounds to me like a jr. high " girlfriend" whih is just that a name title nothig really goes on.

    i guess just do what feels right to you but my simple opinion for myself i wouldnt date a relative no matter how distant but then again everyoe is entitled to there own opinion so have fun with that. =/

    BTW: as a girl you better not just want to date her for looks that wont look to good for you especially when you related even distant

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    The question is, how far is she away from you in blood, needs to be VRY FAR! and how hot is she? NEEDS TO BE VRY HOT!
    She isn't even related to me in blood, not at all. When I see her and her parents, I don't know how to say it, they just seem distant. What I mean they don't seem close like family. There was some rumors going around that my aunt and my uncle were trying to get us together... I have no idea if those are true. Yes she is very hot, but I'm picky. Leah was not hot, and the only other person I have truely wanted to go out with before was not. I try to look inside, because that's what really matters.

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    If someone isn't related by blood at all as you say, then I think that it might be OK, especially if your aunt and uncle thing is true.

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