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Thread: High-School Students Forcing Others into Anti-Sociality

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    Default High-School Students Forcing Others into Anti-Sociality

    Yes, there may be many other posts about this, but Iím sharing my thoughts. From what I have seen, high-school, and sometime middle-school, students force their other class mates into a state of being anti-social in fear of being tore a new one by their peers. Yes, this still goes on. At my school however, itís a bit more than just that. Iíve seen students push others to near tears, and get off Scott free. It appalls me, and even when I try to stand up for what I feel is right, they gang up on me. Now this doesnít bother me as much as it used to, and I can usually spit some snarky remark right back at my verbal abuser, but sometimes their comments just strike a chord with me.

    It makes me physically sick to my stomach to think about what goes on between classes and though whispers. Itís like all these students simply forgot that itís wrong to be a complete jack-ass and pick on ones that are smaller and weaker. Itís like they lose all morals. And by ďtheyĒ I mean the popular group.

    Yes, another stigma of high-school is that the popular group still reigns as kings and queens while the smaller ones beg for scraps of attention and popularity.

    Has society completely regressed back hundreds of years into this sick monarchy where itís acceptable to abuse the weaker, the smaller, and the lesser?!

    And itís not only the straight out insults; itís the ones that donít even seem like insults to the naked eye. In my British Literature class we have three boys who are constantly cracking inappropriate jokes, and considering we read a book that was from the perspective of a child with Autism, they have enough ammo to shoot the place up with ignorance. It is one of the most disgusting things I have seen from this generation. Making fun of someone with mental/social disabilities?! REALLY?!?!? Itís like weíve accepted that itís ok to rip others down for no reason! They have no belief in whatís right or wrong. They have made fun of suicide, mental disabilities, people harming themselves, eating disorders, child abuse, and homosexuality, and thatís just todayís class.

    I havenít even share my complete thought, but Iíve shared the basic point of what Iím saying.

    Hereís what I ask from you:
    1. Have you seen (or done) something like anything above, whether it be the one speaking, the one being spoken to, or the one standing up against it?
    2. What are your thoughts on the subject written about above?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowhawk View Post
    Has society completely regressed back hundreds of years into this sick monarchy where itís acceptable to abuse the weaker, the smaller, and the lesser?!
    Wouldn't say regressed... always been, still is.

    And I have very mixed feeling about it. While I think there need to be a line, and for sure that line is crossed frequently and often, kids need to learn how to deal with this kind of stuff... because they will probably face the exact same shit (some stuff less, some stuff more) later on in adult life.

    Every kid should have the right to grow and learn without living in fear... but you can't shield kids from reality to a point where they get out into the real world and freak out the first time their boss chews them out, or some political situation turns ugly at work, or they get into a bad relationship. You need a balance somewhere in the middle that creates a realistic social environment while avoiding extreme abuse.

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    for some reason when I read your post I didn't pick up on the fact that you actually are in high school (I assumed an outside view), so apologies if my post was kinda blunt and indirect...

    Some serious advice is: don't play the popularity game. Carve yourself out a small group of friends, and to heck what anyone else thinks about you (or them). The only benefit of being popular is you get to hang out with the kind of jerks you described.

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    Actually, this doesn't happen much in my school, and most of the time if someone from the "popular" group is heard picking on someone, it's met by very few laughs. My school has maybe 2.5k students in it. Out of all of them, I have yet to see a true bully, although as the years go by the Freshmen turn into even more annoying little twits who are ignorant as hell.

    Anyways, really, no one in my school will fuck with anyone, because someone will always have someone else who can kick their ass ^_^ Always...

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    It's very very sad to see that this is acceptable behavior I don't think that these bullies know half of the hell that they put people through it's wrong, disgusting and pathetic! It pisses me off to see a teacher just walk by a group of students who are bullying a fellow student. I try my best to stop it, I figured something out a while back, people notice bullying but they are too uncomfortable to call someone out on it, so if you call them out others will join in telling them to leave the person alone (plus I've also figured out that being a 6'1" linebacker is really intimidating :P) but even telling a teacher in private can help alot. And if you're getting bullied, tell your parents, teachers and, if it's serious enough, the police. It's their job to keep you safe but it your job to tell them.

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    When I was in school, there used to be 2 groups: The popular, inconsiderate, abusive assholes. Then there was the 'weaker', more 'intelligent'/'non-violent' people, who were considerate (or at least to a point) and didn't abuse people just for a thrill (without a motive).

    I always pegged myself as neither. I'm not majorly intelligent, I'm not particularly weak, I don't abuse people (verbally or physically) and I certainly don't take pleasure in making fun of peoples disabilities. I have no time for people who seem relentless on making your life harder or more miserable. Hell, life is hard enough without having to fight off morons like the people you describe. I just ignore them. Keep my head down. If they provoke a fight, I don't rise down to their level. That being said, I wouldn't just let them have their sadistic moment and harm me. I would defend myself.

    It is sad that the so-called 'popular kids' are forcing others into an anti-social lifestyle. It is also unfair on a large scale. Society is becoming to a ridiculous stage now, I mean, I can't even walk along the street without being stared at by some mindless (near enough anyway) thugs. That then makes me paranoid they're going to try something, for example mug me or worse.

    It's all well and good saying kids need to 'toughen up and deal with it', but no one, kid or adult, should have to put up with this crap. It's just plain malicious, cruel behavior. And in my opinion, needs to stop A.S.A.P.

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    I hate the different groups of social higherarchy and popularity. I and others getting picked on due to us not fighting back ,and when we do they have a massive group behind them and we the weak lonely ones get it worse. People taking the piss out of weaker people because it was fun ,and it amuses them. I hate it. Best advice i was given was forget them ,there not going to make it in life and you are ,dont pay attention to what they do ,pay attention to your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanch0 View Post
    It's very very sad to see that this is acceptable behavior I don't think that these bullies know half of the hell that they put people through it's wrong, disgusting and pathetic!
    While I think some bullies are just following other bullies in their circle, there are certainly some who know what they are doing and just don't care.

    Some grow up to become players ... tending to drop the physical violence and insults but keeping the indifference towards others. Use and mislead people to get what they want, then move on. Bob Segar's "still the same" personified.

    Others grow up to be thugs.. keeping the violence and insults.. later seen carrying your TV out the second story window and threatening people with knives for their wallets.

    Agree with the "takes one to get a crowd to act". It's like that way after school. No one wants to be the first guy.. but once someone does what everyone is thinking.. it's time to jump in.

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    I noticed this when I was in high school. I never participated in the ridiculing, and I was never picked on either though. I do not think that it is fair for kids to have to put up with the verbal (and sometimes physical) abuse. This is especially unfair is there is no legitimate recourse that those picked on can take against the perpetrators. There exists methods in which unacceptable behavior can be reported, but as it has been mentioned, people who report this kind of behavior risk negative social consequences from peers. It truly is unfortunate. I also believe that this is the natural state of humanity too. Everyone is trying to exert themselves as being toward the top of the social food chain, and picking on someone helps move them up the social food chain in many cases. Many of those with social affluence, power, and standing will take advantage of those beneath them socially for personal gain. Unfortunately as many have mentioned this continues into adult life as well.

    The name calling, and ridiculing disabilities may lessen with adulthood, but other negative aspects of the balance between low and high social status exert themselves in adult life. In small towns, and even some big towns, the "good ol' boy" network is prominent. This is a prime example of social connections and affluence being used against those that are perceived to be at a lower social standing. There are many more examples that could be given regarding how this continues into adult life, but I don't feel it necessary to write them. Needless to say I feel that most of the examples become economic examples of how those that are in a higher position take advantage of those in lower positions. To an extent there may be some positive notes to be expressed here. At least students get to see that the world isn't necessarily fair, and that people don't always play nice. It is a small taste of what the real world is. I'm not saying that people should be picked on, but that they do see what life in adulthood is like in a way.

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    I agree, it isn't just in schools. It's pretty much everywhere you look. Workplaces, colleges, universities and probably most likely of all: public places such as parks/alleyways. I don't know if it is the same situation in America, but here in the U.K around 6-7pm the local parks are swarming with what some call 'Hoodies' - (teenagers, usually thugs, wearing hoods/jumper-hoods to hide their identity).

    They're usually high or under the influence of alcohol. Then a random stranger who is simply walking by, could be perfectly innocent/friendly, is attacked. There is never a real reason either. The people who attack like this must just get some sick, twisted thrill out of attacking (and in some situations, seriously harming or even killing) innocent people. I was picked on quiet a bit, especially in secondary school. But I used to have a tight-circle of friends and we would all look out for each-other, often helping each-other out should the inevitable occur - I was lucky and I am fully aware others don't have this privilege, which is one of the reasons they are powerless.

    The hierarchy these days is becoming an increasing problem and no ones doing anything about it! - Then they wonder why civilian regulators (honest, friendly, law-abiding-citizens with guns/weaponry), are dealing with problems their own way. There's no justice. Not that I've seen anyway. People get away with so much now days.

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    High School and middle school are at a time when Kids are chang, hormones raging, and a time where they test their limits and new freedoms

    Basically this happens all the time, EVERYONE experinces it, and some people get bullied, some people do the bullying. As sad as it is for the kids getting bullied, thats the way the world works. Its not right, nor fair, But last time i checked life wasnt fair.

    I never found myself being the subject of these things, I personally think its because I dont react to anything like that. You just need to let it blow off. That combined with a low Key profile, your good to go.

    You can spend time and effort trying to stop this, and your time will be wasted.

    Its the nature of Highschool. Also a good time to get real life experience and learn.

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