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    2 months ago i left to work at camp Napowan. It was my 2nd year on staff and i had loads of fun.

    last year, i worked at the area called flintlock, which is supposed to be this old town. it had a working forge, a printing press, and stuff like that. we also had to dress in time period which was really fun. i taught the woodcarving merit badge.

    this year i worked at sherwood (scoutcraft) which taught the main scout skills like knife and fire safety, compas work, stuff like that. I taught the pioneering merit badge. the pioneering merit badge consists of lots of knots, lashings, and other usefull things you can do with rope. it was also one of the hardest merit badges to earn/teach at camp. i had to work much harded than i did last year, but i had so much more fun, with the scouts and staff. my day consisted of pritty bad meals, lots of work, annoying scouts, and horribly low pay. but for some reason it's the best place in the world.

    no one on staff can explain excactly why they love working extra hard under thoes sercomstances, mainly because there are so many reasons. one of my favorites is when a scout tryies harder than everyone else to finnish my merit badge and just finnishes at the last minut. the look on his face is undiscripbably rewording to me.

    another reason is when scouts come to my area just to see me because i'm their favorite counsler, and i know i've made an impact on their lives.

    and my last favorite reason is the staff, and the staff were expecally good this year. when your with the same group of people for 2 months, strange and amazing things happen. my favorite thing is that we become a family. when one of us leaves, everyone is clearly upset, and when someone comes back the joy flows through everyone. we come up with the strangest inside jokes that i don't even feal comfortably writing down here, but i could say every day up there. the teamwork between the staff is increadable. anything we needed to be done was done without complaint, and some amazing things came out of it.

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    Welcome back, sounds like you had a fun time at camp.

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    Welcome back, link!! Glad to hear you had fun!!

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    welcome back from camp!

    did u know they have a ab/dl camp in Vermont? Theres an AB who owns a hotel/ resort and he had a full week of ab/dl stuff every spring. i never went but someone i personally know went there and highly recommended it!

    in the meantime enjoy the beach and the summer weather! ~ Will

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    thanks everyone for the nice welcome back. i did miss it here. vincentthethird, my name is link. but at camp i was known as splintr. not splinter, just splintr.

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