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    Smile Hi every one

    hi my name is Derek I am 32 years old and a adult baby my favorite thing to do as a baby is to relax in my footed pajamas while playing my PS3 my favorite game is littlebigplanet 2

    I like to make my own levels and I think I'm pretty good at making music with the music editor in LBP2.
    if anyone's interested in checking out my levels and music my username on PSN is zaperbaby

    I also have an interest in babyfur's and collect pictures and badges my favorite artist is Marci
    she makes the cutest babyfur pictures.

    some of my other interests are music drums electronics and computers
    I got my first computer at the age of 12 and now build and repair for family and friends

    my current computer is a
    Dual core Pentium E 5200 2.5 GHz overclocked at 3.6 GHz
    Gigabyte G31-ES2L
    4 GB of DDR2
    Asus Blu-ray drive
    DVD burner
    2x WD Black 640 GB hard drives
    GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB video card
    OCZ 500 W power supply
    window case with lights
    maybe I'll post up the picture of my computer if anybody's interested

    thanks for having a look at my introduction and have a great day

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    nice little intro ,annother computer wizard ,when did you start finding an interest in how to fix and build pc's was it when you got your first one or later on.

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    HI Zaperbaby,
    and welcome to the group, nice to see another system builder join up. Mind you isn't a ps3 a little bit difficult for a baby to play with, or perhaps you just suck on it. Seriously, nice intro.

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    Just built a new system based on an AMD sempron on 140 processor $33.01
    M4A78T-E motherboard used $40
    4GB OCZ RAM $22.99
    500GB seagate HD $29.99
    24x dvd burner 16.99
    case logisys CS51WBK came with really cheap power supply did not use it $34.99
    Coolermaster Extreme Power Plus 500W $29.99
    Coolermaster 120mm fan 8.99
    Coolermaster Hyper 101A $9.99
    total 251.25

    Built the system for my mom because her computer died and she needed a cheap one
    the AMD semprom ended up overclocking far further than I ever would've expected
    and even had a dormant second core that I was able to successfully unlock
    my final overclock was 3.7 GHz with both cores unlocked
    this computer went from slow to a crazy fast beast of a machine!

    I have run Prine95 stress test for 24 hours and it passed and everything has been 100% stable so far
    it's one heck of a computer for $250 and probably the biggest overclock I have achieved to date I got very lucky with the processor second core unlocking.

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