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    Default hello

    I'm onion I'm a DL and bed wetter.
    My other interests are most sports and gaming.
    Want to know anything else just ask me.

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    Well now... That's a brief introduction! Are you shy?

    I'm a very curious person, so yeah, I have some questions for you, sure

    ... Is there a movie that makes you cry?
    ... Do you have a favourite pizza topping?
    ... Would you rather be a vegetarian or a house?
    ... What would you like for your future?
    ... Can you spell 'onamatopoeia'...?

    Welcome to our site, and hope to see you around!

    Though... Onions make me cry, so... If you're gonna stick around and make me cry, I shan't be happy!

    Dan x

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    Hi Onion,
    Welcome to the group, how about a little bit more about your hobbies and interests though, what sports, what sort of games and console or pc, music likes, books movies that sort of thing. Funiily enough when I went back to school after being placed in a childrens home, I had the misfortune to have an English Literature teacher called Mr Onion, he used to bore me to tears, so hopefully you won't Dan cry or bore me either

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