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    I figured since there are quite a few threads on getting caught and, unless I hadn't done enough of a thorough search, I don't really see any threads on getting caught but turning out to be a great experience for anyone. So, I decided to open a thread on just that. Have you ever gotten caught with diapers but in a way that just turned out to be a really positive experience or a close call of any sort that would have turned out great? My experience falls into the latter category.

    I remember it happened when I was six (funny how a lot of things diaper related happened to me at six. lol). I think I mentioned elsewhere that at the time my sister was kind of a doll freak and bought actual Luvs diapers for her dolls. So, those were the first diapers I got a hold of. By that time, my sister already knew what I was doing with them. And, being the rather goofy pair we were we both decided to wear one each. I'm not sure what prompted it. Must've been a sugar high or something. Anyway, my folks and a few neighborhood friends were downstairs. So, we're both playing and one of those neighbors who I remember being in her mid 20s at the time walks in on us. She got one look at us, picked me up, awwwing and everything and carried me downstairs. I remember grabbing onto the banister on the way down the stairs and then running back up to the room just as everyone got a glimpse of me in just a diaper.

    I'm sure, so far, this sounds like a disaster rather than something positive but before that incident, any other time I got caught, the "discovery" was met with anger or revulsion of some sort. Even though at the time it was embarrassing for me to be carried downstairs at six-years-old wearing a diaper, it was sort of a welcome change to actually come across someone who thought it was cute.

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    i'd not long been wearing them voluntarily when my sister caught me checking myself out in our bedroom mirror (as babies and toddlers were the only comparison, i was trying to find the best way of wearing and using how they looked on them as a basis). adding to this, our finding a romper, sized for an older child ( i think, though it was also probably down to my being small), and i sort of became my sister's plaything for a while. we normally fight like cat and dog, so that kind of closeness was unusual........maybe it was helped by her threatening to tell.
    anyway, it wasn't so bad, but i really hope she's forgotten about it.

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    I hope my own sister forgot about our little "adventure" that I described earlier. I mean there's no way she forgot about some of the more general antics but still, I rather her not remember it. lol

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    I don't know about wonderfully caught, but I was mysteriously caught.

    I stored all my diapers in a small suitcase in my closet when I would come home from college. One day I came home, and found my diapers and plastic pants in a brown paper bag in the closet and the suitcase missing. I am guessing my mom needed the suitcase for a trip. To this day, and that was well over 8 years ago, I have no idea which family member found them. No one has ever confronted me about it.

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    Maybe they thought the diapers came with the luggage? :P

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