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Thread: Opinion on Attends

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    Default Opinion on Attends

    Hey. I use Attends Slip Regular M10 to sleep in. Anyone else got an opinion on them. Are they discreet to wear during day or should I stick to padded underwear?

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    The last two bags I've gotten were of decreasing production value. The tapes were folded and disjointed and in one case. In another, I had to take the bag back because one side of the diaper was a few inches short and when I put it on it was way to tight on one leg and I looked like a diaper Picasso.

    In short, unless something drastic changes, I will not buy Attends again any time soon.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My luck with Attends hasn't been too bad -- now that I switched away from the white 6-tape variety. While the 6-tape version is certainly the most baby-like product Attends offers (it's crinkly, it's white, it has the leg and waist gathers, etc) that particular version has padding that utterly falls apart. It's just not comfortable to wear a diaper in which all the padding sinks into one's crotch.

    While I wear Abena x-Plus for occasions where it's going to be difficult to change, I find the Attends "breathable" brief to be a pretty good "24/7" diaper. They are pretty inexpensive (my last batch from Amazon cost $38 for a case of 72 + free shipping). They are absorbent enough to handle two full wettings or three partial wettings. They also don't make a wholelot of noise under one's clothes.

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    not tried the 'regulars', but have tried the 'active' (with the velcro tabs) and the Siempre (same design as Attends regulars?). for me, all the aforementioned can classed as discrete and it's only the highest absorbancy Attends which bulk up when sodden, and doing so in clumps (due to the SAP), but that bulking/clumping tends to occur around the crotch (at the outlet valve ) so isn't so noticeable as it would be if you were wearing a thicker padded diaper, with it's bunching around the rear.

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    is this the uk attends aye? Heard there are differences.,

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    aye, the UK Attends. i noticed you had replies from the US, so thought i'd better chime in

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    Thanks! Where do you reckon would be best for good absorbancy but discreet enough for day wear. I'm a uni student so having to change the liner type things are too much hassle and dry nites leak.

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    that's a hard balancing act. like, the max absorbancy diapers (like the Attends 10) form the clumps of saturated SAP which can result in leaks in the trim cut styles of diaper (like Attends active) as subsequent squirts just bounce of the already saturated portion. lately, i've been finding the benefits of a slightly less absorbant diaper (Siempre) and the wicking effect of the fluff, but i do a lot of walking.
    i suppose, though, that if you're going to be sat down for a bit, you won't want the fluid gravitating to the lowest point (your seat), in case the pad is overwhelmed; in that case, Attends 10's should give plenty of absorbancy around the crotch and between the legs and they're pretty discreet, too. certainly, i don't have any problem with wearing Attends, Siempre or Tenaslips in public. the Attends and the Siempre will probably be the quietest when changing, though.

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    American Attends are very very low quality. Barely above or equal to cheap store brand. They used to be among the best, but they changed a lot.

    Last pack I bought out of nostalgia, was a total dissapointement. 1 wetting and it was leacking all over.
    When you say Depends are better... it's because they sux.

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    You might like to try Tenaflex - higher capacity ones are not that bulky/noticeable and I find them more discrete than tenaslips for day time wear. Like others I have had mixed results with attends - when they are good they are very very good, but whan they are bad they are horrid! Best to stick with brands that have proven quality control.

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