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    Hello everyone, I'm Elazar, and currently reside in St. Joseph Missouri, and I am a complete diaper lover, though I also wear them for comforting reasons (that has to do with some events as a baby). I admit to the fact that I wear diapers 24/7 and I'm proud of it, and I intentionally wet and mess in them because I just like to do it. In fact, I've been wetting and messing so much, that I've almost un-trained myself, but I don't really mind. See you on the forums

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    Ah, So It seems you did get my message.

    EDIT: Err... right, this is Du vollar (Please don't call me that).

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    welcome to adisc, have fun @ the chatroom and dont be shy @ the forums either! stay warm + wet!!

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    Hi Elazar, welcome to the site! Sounds like your quite into the diaper wearing aspect. Do you have any other interests? I hope I see you posting around a bit, I'll keep an eye out!

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