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Thread: Favorite place to be diapered

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    Default Favorite place to be diapered

    so i was just wondering does anyone like to go to a public place being heavily dapered, mine is the movie theatre, doubled up with a large drink, quite soaked before end of the movie.

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    when I am in a THICK diaper,,, just a home body. When diapered normally,, my favorite places are the same as if I wasn't diapered. that means the mall, going for walks, bike riding (although when diapered this is not as comfortable). Driving the car to go places, ect. Well, I guess the pool would be the only exception to that statement, LOL,,, for obvious reasons

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    Considering I usually wear anytime I leave my house...everywhere

    I usually wear a molicare or a 24/7 out and about...


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    currently only in my room or my boyfriend's room We plan to go on 'diaper dates' once we find the perfect thin diaper.

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    I don't go out a lot while padded, but I'd say that the movie theatre is my favourite place.

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    Always change at my house, usually in my room. But I want to get changed in a baby change facility that would be nice.

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    As I'm IC I change wherever I can, however I would love to be out with someone who would take me somewhere and change me. Here's hoping!

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    I still confine myself to the house while padded. I'll go out in my trainers, though, so I guess I hedge the issue.

    I guess I'm most relaxed at home, so that's where I like to be padded. Maybe winter while skiing I'll give it a try. ^_^

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    Home is usually my spot, since I have the power to lock the door and crinkle as much as I want in my room. :3

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