Hey everyone! You might think Im new but thats not really true, my email bounced(dont really know what that means, maybe the old email I used to it got deleted because I make special hotmails just for ABDL related things)

Well you all might know me as Olliboll which I went around with last time around or Mugiwara which I used much longer!

So yeah Im back, after having gone through a rough patch with purging(didnt throw away any diapers though but have fellt really ashamed of this part of myself) I kind of have accepted it again. I doubt it will be any long though... :/

Its so strange because I thought my ABness would work great as a coping mechanism as it used to do when I was a teenager but now its really not helping me that much. Well sometimes when I feel cute like I met an old lady friend at a bar the other day who gave me this super hug because she knows I like hugging and then she kissed me on the cheek that really made me feel so incredibly cheerful, like my heart feels warm and Im actually happy.(I suppose she learned I liked to be hugged so much from times we took xtc together and the only thing I wanted to do was resting on her, like lying right next to hear leaning my head over her arm etc).
So I think my ABness is really just good for me, if it wasnt for the way my mom acts and mentions how she finds these things around my room everynow and then(because she has no respect at all for my private life) she will give me some comment while she is shitfaced on alcohol and she has said she like sorts of respects it or that she respects my privacy but I know she doesnt at all. And everytime we see someone in the street that might look alittle bit out of the ordinary(goth chicks, open homosexuals) she will always give some comment where she might think its not that bad but in reality its really insulting. And if she makes comment about people like that I wonder what comment she would have for *BDL's!! She is just really close minded and makes me sometime feel really shameful I am a AB...

I didnt plan on writing so much personal about myself but it feels that I might need to give myself a second introduction of myself for you members that have forgotten about me or new members that I havent seen around before!

Well thats all for me this time hope you liked my personal introduction!