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    hi i am a tb and a dl just found out about this site and would like to chat and meet new people i have been this way since i can remember i have worn diapers along time trough my childhood do to a bed wetting issue. i also like to play guitar i seem to be able to entertain people with my talent which i enjoy i also am a snowboarder thats all i do in the winter time its just a great feeling. i also like tinkering with engines and fixing things that are broken any thing that keeps my mind working pretty much. thats pretty much all that i can think of at the moment but if any one wants to get to know me better than just ask me and ill answer any questions anyone has to ask
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    Hi BigBry,
    welcome to the group, actually it is normal in intro's to give a few more details about yourself, such as your interests and hobbies. Things like tastes in music, books, cinema, Job or career interests. If you want some help wrwiting one have a look at and you might also want to check out as there is a lot of useful info in there for new members.

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    too bad i messed up on this my first time im so mad .now everyone thinks im an idiot

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    Not at all silly bear, we all make mistakes, when I put my first avatar I broke one of the big rules, but the mods were very good about it. so not getting an intro right is hardly cause for banging your head againsst a brick wall, I know my dad used to do it to me.

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    ok i wont be as mad then i just wanted to meet people in my intro and i screwed it up that's alright though.

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    Remember this site doesn't explicitly facilitate meetup requests... But you can meet loads of people online here and hopefully Mae some good friends,! I certainly don't think you are an idiot - your intro was better than the majority!

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    oh thank you i feel much better now people are so nice here

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlebear1223 View Post
    oh thank you i feel much better now people are so nice here
    That's the spirit. Welcome to ADISC!

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    Nice? Us? don't be silly we're the wierdos that like to wear nappies.

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