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Thread: I just felt an earthquake...

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    Default I just felt an earthquake...

    Shit... I was working on my netbook at my desk and I felt an earthquake. Not the first time though... I felt one years ago in '86, and '98. Wow. Was a bit surprised to find myself just shaking softly.

    Talk about hair-raising.


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    I only can recall ONE earthquake. and it was very short but kinda big. I was at my computer in my bedroom and the wall-shifted away about what seemed about 2-3 inches and it they re-flexed back, as if a car struck a side of the house at above 40 miles per hour. It was interesting.

    Anyways it's odd since I live in central California, one of the mecca states for earthquakes. Also its nothing that bad, every passing decade were getting more and more earthquake proof as society.

    Also I was like 1, maybe 2 when the last big one in San Fransisco hit. But I heard I slept trough the whole thing. Also our home is about maybe 75-80 miles from SF city.
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    It felt like someone picked up my house and carried it around for a few seconds. Pretty fun.

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    How hair raising. Earthquakes are so often here in California we don't give it a second thought lol

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    I felt it too! Centered in virginia but I'm in New Jersey.

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    I woke up to a teeny earthquake that happened in ga many years ago. Since it woke me from my sleep i thought it was just my head messing with me so i went back to sleep. In the morning the news was all like "zomg earthquake!!!!" it was crazy :-)
    Though most likely nothing like what you felt

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiddenBaby View Post
    I felt it too! Centered in virginia but I'm in New Jersey.
    i felt it to

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    Hell we felt it very small here; at least my bookcase rocked it's on loose hinges. Very close to NB though, from what I hear no one in Halifax felt it.

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    I heard on the radio that people from my town felt it, though I was completely oblivious to it.

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    I felt it to not to long agom and aonther one just now it rocked my bed back and forth

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