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Thread: Hello everyone.

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    Default Hello everyone.

    OK, lets do this! My name is Whitewulf and yes I am a furry.

    I must say this has been an interesting time in my life. I have been in a relationship for 3 year now with my boyfriend Arenskunk. When we got together I found out that he is a DL. At first he was afraid I would have a bad reaction to it, but I was ok with it, it just wasn't for me. However, over time it seems to have grown on me so here I am. A DL myself.

    In other aspects I am a typical nerd. I spend most of my time in front of the computer. I was playing Final Fantasy XI, but that was sucking all of my life away. Now that I'm not involved in FFXI at this time I might actually play other games again! *gasps *

    Staying pretty busy at work as well. I have been training on a new machine and coming in 8 hrs 11p to 7a every day. I will be doing that until I can run it by myself. Then I will get days off again, yay!

    Anyways, that's all I think of for now. Many thanks and much love to Arenskunk for showing the way here!

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    Hi Whitewulf,
    and welcome to the group, I would pass on my usual advice for new members but I asssume that's alreday been taken care of by Aren

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    Thank you PCBaby. Aren showed me around a bit and now I'm poking around and exploring.

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