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Thread: What's up?! Great to be here, now where's the fridge? XD

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    Default What's up?! Great to be here, now where's the fridge? XD


    Oh, wait... I probably shouldn't begin and end my self-intro with "Hey!" should I? Okay. Here goes... uh... something, I guess.

    A few basics first. I'm 37 years old, but in spite of this, I have possession of all my hair. I love catchup on my tacos, and I believe that Pringles might possibly surpass oxygen in terms of importance to the human body. I hate reality TV. I love most types of music, and play the keyboard whenever possible. I also sing, but only when there's no one else around because I get horrible stage fright. I feel like a good sense of humor is not just desirable in a friend, but an absolute necessity. Oh, and I don't know any of the right words to "Blinded By The Light" either.

    I've been a DL ever since I was a young teen, but I'm pretty new to the whole feeling-sufficiently-comfortable-to-come-out-about-it thing. Having a crew of like-minded individuals to hang with is definitely going to help.

    Anything you want to know about me, please ask.

    Unless you're wanting to know the real lyrics to "Blinded By The Light."

    Love and hugs.


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    Hi welcome to the site , nice intro and the fridge is over there <( ^_^<) and the waffle is over here (>^_^ )> # (we're the only site that has waffles btw)

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    Hi there,
    welcome to the group. Nice intro. I'm sure you'll find plenty of people to talk to, so jump in.

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