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Thread: hey everyone I found out something (and not im not gay)

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    Smile hey everyone I found out something (and not im not gay)

    My one friend that is a 20 year old girl, and she has a bf in the state of Florida, she told me she has a medical problem with her mouth once and awhile at night she grinds her teeth, and she also told me when her mom was so kind to her in her time of need, aka the time when my friend Hollie would grind her teeth her mom went out, and bought her a couple of pacifiers, and my friend Hollie told me those pacifiers help a lot for her. So I am glad me and her are friends because she also told me that she has ADD/ADHD an also she is also a fan of pokemon, and before you go and diss her I too like pokemon I like how they incorporated real live stuff in it like animals, trees, rocks, plants, etc...

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    Um congratz? I don't exactly think this should go in the off topic section though, probably TB or something =/.

    Also what was the point of adding (I'm not gay) gay to the end, not everything you figure out is being gay O.o.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaki View Post
    Also what was the point of adding (I'm not gay) gay to the end, not everything you figure out is being gay O.o.
    "Hey guys! I figured out something absolutely groundbreaking today!"

    "We already know!"


    Such was the life of Pythagoras is this alternative, everything-you-figure-out-is-you-being-gay universe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
    Double negative, you're gay.
    Hehehe...You actually made me laugh ^__^

    But seriously folks, Pokemon is a serious business, and Pokemon with ADD and pacifiers is a lot more serious, so before you go talking about Gay people, think of the bigger issue: ADD Pokemon that are doubly negative with pacifiers in stories that should be a blog and aren't a big deal because it doesn't mean anyone is a *B/DL and the person who wrote the story is thinking too much into this

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    Pokemon the anime tv show was lame after season two aka Jhoto from gold/sliver. Plus ash never beat the elite 4. Anyways I think its better to have a pacifier to grind on then your own teeth. Of course I think plastic mouth retainers would of been better for that case.

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    Yeah, I don't understand the whole pacifier thing. I grind my teeth at night, but I went to the dentist for that and got a mouthguard molded for my teeth at night.

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    The pacifier does help but fitted mouth guards work better. Plus the kid might become used to sleeping with a pacifier or it will just fall out of their mouth and they are right back to grinding.

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    I am confused? what is going on? You friends boyfriend in florida has pokemon , is ADD and he sucks a pacifier? WOW that is like OMG so interestings thanks like OMG LOL thanks a bunch ROFLcopter!

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