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    Hey everyone!! Im an 18 year old boy from southern california. Although I am 18, many of my friends say I look more like 16 or even 15 but I'm cool with that.

    I have liked diapers since as long as i can remember. My earliest memory about them was in preschool where my best friend at the time showed me his diaper and suddenly for some reason, I was jealous beyond belief. I wanted to wear them again but I couldnt find a way that would work for me but then for a few years, it went away. Soon enough the desire came back. I could have just started peeing my bed but I by that time i was 11 and my parents would start asking questions. I finally had the chance to try it when I was sleeping over at a friends house and I secretly brought diapers into the conversation. He knew he was a DL too and finally after being really careful with what we said, we agreed to go to Rite Aid as a dare and buy diapers and try them out. The "dare" part was really BS as we both wanted to wear them. Over the next few years we would often wear them when we hung out but do it less so now that each of us are busy with other things

    Im a DL but not much of a TB aside from wanting maybe a onsie or those little superhero tighty whities to cover my diapers. Someday that stuff may grow on me but not at the moment. Im cool with being friends but only if you are under 30...sorry but older than that has gotten dicey for me on other sites so try to understand, but ill be happy to be active on the forums with AB's and DL's of all ages.

    Im a super nice person and try to be tolerant and sensative towards everyone. So if your chill and want to share experiences shoot me a message or a friend request and I will be happy to share experiences and all that with you. Thanks and I'm happy to be here!!

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    Welcome to the site and good intro. A lot of members will ask you to tell us something about the other side of your life, hobbies, musical likes, sports, etc. Still, I think what you said is interesting. I started liking diapers when I was 4 and it never went away.

    As for older members here, this is a heavily moderated site, so if an older member is inappropriate, just report it to a mod and it will be dealt with. I myself am 63, and so, one of the oldest members on the site. That said, I would never be inappropriate with a younger member. I'm very protective of my own children, and now grand children, and I certainly wouldn't want someone older to come on to them. All that said, I think you will like this site, especially since you will be safe from the sick kinds who take a certain delight in being gross, as you have seen on other sites.

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    Welcome Hope you enjoy your stay, and don't fret to tell us more about yourself

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    Hi there,
    welcome to the group. Don't dismiss us oldies out of hand (I'm 56), Not all of use are predatory pervs, and we do have a lot to offer in the way of experiences, and whilst you're not into being a TB that can change with age, but why shouldn't a 56 year old man want to be 2 again or love diapers?

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    Default Intro

    Thanks you guys, actually its not that im am grossed out over older men wearing diapers or think they shouldnt but at other sites people have either lied about their age or said other things....anyway! If you are older and we talk on forums a lot and I know enough about you, I think i would be happy to friend you.

    Anyway so thanks again for the welcome. For other stuff about me...
    Im really into skiing, wakeboarding, video games (especially JRPG's like Final Fantasy), and just hanging out with friends. My music tatses are incredibly broad and like stuff of every genre...anything from 20's jazz and blues to 90's rap...60's rock to modern indie rock! Im very loyal when it comes to friendship and I find myself to get very close with people I spend the most time with. Besides Diapers, im pretty much open with everyone about everything!!

    As for my figure, im 5'11" and really slender and dont weigh a lot either. Once I get messaging after a week of being here, then I will start be able to contact people personally which will be nice!

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