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Thread: Ignorant Parents...

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    Default Ignorant Parents...

    (if your on FTT you may have already read this.)

    Ok well some background info, I basiclly told my parents that I was agnostic today and that I truthfully HATE HATE HATE living in america and that no matter what I'm moving to Canada or England that freaking moment I turn 18, so when they asked what a reason why I wanted to leave the country I used Mike Huckabee and his opinion on gays, and I quote from him "Being gay is a sinful and evil life CHOICE that is a hazard to the safety of the American public"...well my freaking mom goes "Well it is, there all wrong and there are making a sinful CHOICE to be gay." At this point I was about to explode, but no she had to go on "God made adam and eve not adam and steve." Well I went on the defensive and started telling her no and that she is wrong it is not a freaking choice and then she goes and accuses me of being gay(currently I'm pretty confused about sexuality and am starting to have feeling to that side so at lease Bi...) and that if they ever found out I was they would basicly disown me because I made an evil choice....
    *there is more but I gave the summery of the whole conversation*

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    Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but 'hazard to the safety of the American public' is going too far IMO. How he came to this conclusion, I will never know. I doubt that your parents would disown you, but if you think that your parents might disown you, your best bet would to keep your sexuality a secret from them.

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    Default saddens me that people are out there like that. The fact that *ANY* parent could even think of disowning their child (gay bashing aside) is just downright horrible.

    EDIT: not to insult your parents, I mean no disrespect in that sense.

    Yeah, this thread makes me angry just thinking about it. But anyway, there are people like that here too, and anywhere you go. They *do* get a lot more media attention in the U.S. though. Here in Canada, the media is much lol.

    I guess being a gay(if not slightly asexual) *BDL has made me a very open minded invidual, but I like to think I would be anyway.

    ---still, I like a good (and offensive) joke of any kind, as long as it's not used with hate behind it.

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    Yeah, well it's pretty bad being liberal in a family that voted for bush twice and support him still....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
    Yeah, well it's pretty bad being liberal in a family that voted for bush twice and support him still....
    *inner self cries a little for Fallen*

    Not that I'm too political or anything, but the things I read and the thing I see him say and do always make me wonder just who in the hell is still with this guy??

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    I was scared that my parents would have that sort of reaction to me baing gay, which is why I left it untill recently to tell them. They took it ok though and were fairly accepting. I'd have to say though if my parents were like that it would be all the better them disowning me with attitudes like that, but I wouldn't know as I've not been in that situation.

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    Well as she drilled into me about her beliefs my knees were shaking the whole time that she was like "If your gay..." "If I found out...." god it was not pleasent that night....

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    Heh, my Ma booted me out of the house when I came out of the closet to her....

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    My mom knows, I told her one day and she was ok with it. Although she was/is still convinced that I might not be gay lol. My only regret in telling her is that it is hard on her - and her biggest worry was that I'll have trouble fitting in lol.

    Plus, I do have this suspicion that she knows something of my fetish, but it's one of those "if you don't want to tell me, I won't ask." things. But (and this is a story for another time...) she has caught me, fairly red handed in the fast with a diaper...and i had the dumbest possible excuse too!
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    I think my mum might know about the nappy fetish thang, she once said something that made me think she does, but as long as she doesn't say anything I won't. It's no real problem though since she kicked me out like a year ago and I am on my own now, so I am fairly free to do what I like without anyone finding out.

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