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    I've always been interested in sexual and emotional deviations in people - probably partially due to me being an AB/DL myself. I just saw a topic named 'The precise opposite of AB', and I started to wonder again what I've been wondering before.

    We, AB's, generally like to pretend that we're little kids again - of course, what being an AB exactly means for someone is not easily expressable, but that's basically the bottom line. However, if there are people like us, then there could also be people who are the exact opposite, which is not completely the same thing as in the aforementioned topic - that is, they want to feel old, not young. Their idea of ageplay may include telling long, illogical stories about the past, pretending to have Alzheimer's or physical problems. Seeing how some older people become incontinent, some of them may even be DL's too!

    So my question is, do these people exist? Does anyone know someone who feels this way? I've personally never heard of this, but I'm pretty curious...

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    I'd be inclined to say it's not as likely as abdl - we are trying to reclaim our youth and childhood, but no one knows what being old is like so maybe can't have the psychological need.

    However, I expect there are plenty of people who want to act older than they are, but not necessarily as a psychological need.

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    Hi Dareios,
    an interesteing theory, however, I tend to agree with Eeyore, most of us can remember our childhood, good or bad and for various reasons we need to re-visit it, in my case I seek the love and caring and nurturing I never recieved as a baby, child or young teen. So I'm normally about 2 ( sometimes younger) and want all the things that a 2 year old wants and needs. But how could you feel older, you wouldn't have any form of need or basis for such a fantasy. As you say some of it like incontinece in older people might attract the dl's but surely that would be just substituting one carer with another, after all as an AB you can be cared for by an older person (mummy/daddy figure) or by someone who may be physically younger than you in real age playing the role of older brother/sister / babysitter.

    By the way are you aware you just called almost everyone in Adisc a deviant?

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    PCBaby, I laughed at your last line :-) I had to go look up deviant. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says "to stray, especially from a standard or an expected norm". I would certainly decide that we, by virtue of participation in this website, are either deviants or are interested in this particular kind of deviation. There's nothing bad about either of those.

    I know it's impossible to list all the situations that bring people here, but I figure they all have in common either an emotional attachment to diapers and/or "baby stuff", or a relationship with someone who has that kind of attachment. Maybe someone feels like they were born with it, maybe it happened slowly as a maturing of desires, or maybe it happened quickly after experiences following an injury. In any case, a person was motivated not only to read all the information possible to read as a member of the public but to also sign up as a member and appear on the roster.

    If you want to have your mind blown sometime, go read some stuff at What Is Gender? • Index page - it's a support group for those who feel a disconnect between their physical and mental gender/sexuality. The parallels between how people talk on here and on there are amazing. In both cases, sometimes people just need to talk to others who can accept the feelings that are impossible/uncomfortable to express in public.

    So let your freak flag (or your friend-of-the-freak flag) fly proudly! As high or as low or as just-inside-your-house as you want. I'm proud to be a secret deviant.

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    I know a few... and trust me... they're three times weirder than we are. They're rare, but they exist.

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    Hey, I know what I am both in and out of the house, but people that know me will label me as IC not AB, those that don't know me would probably label me as ab or certainlty weird, hey that guy's wearing a wet nappy. And I have known several peope with Gender Dysphoria

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