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Thread: I've been around for a while and thought I should introduce myself

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    Default I've been around for a while and thought I should introduce myself

    I have pretty much the standard story I have an interest in diapers. I'm pretty much a DL and have went through the bing and purge process several times.

    I finally decided that they were a part of my life and have excepted them.
    So I decided It's time I started to meet people with the same interest.

    I'm pretty active. I like to workout and spend time out doors.

    I started wearing diapers 24/7 over three weeks ago and have enjoyed every minute of it. My goal is a month so i'm on my 4th week now and I figured I would make a decision after the month is over wether to extend it or not.

    I'll follow-up next week wether I'm extending my 24/7 wearing. So far it's been an experience.

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    Hey there dprtech! Glad to have you on board! ^_^

    Yeah, I came in with that standard back-story as well; I think that goes for a majority of us. However, in my time on here, I have grown so much not only in my understanding my ABDL habits (for instance, now I am full-fledged littlefur), but as an overall person, as well.

    I think you will find that this site is much more than just a place to talk about diapers. There is plenty of that, fear not. Outside of this, though, we cover everything from food (a very common topic!) to careers to music and about everything in between.

    I am very glad to hear how you have learned to accept your enjoyment of padding as part of your life. I found that reaching this point was crucial in at least reducing the effect of the binge/purge process.

    What do you like to do outdoors? You a big fan of camping, hiking? Fish much? I'm not terribly outdoors-y, though I do like hiking and biking quite a bit. I'm just not the rugged type, contrary to my furry mannerisms.

    Do you enjoy music? Movies?

    I would love to hear more about you and am also looking forward to further details about your continued adventures in being diapered 24/7.

    Once again, welcome!

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