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Thread: Question for the smokers

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    Default Question for the smokers

    What brand do you smoke?

    I smoke JPS blue, and have just bought 200 duty free b&h

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    I either smoke rolled cigarettes I make with Gambler tobacco and the 100mm cigarette tubes, American Spirit blue boxes, Marlboro Menthols, or Pall Mall Menthols when I'm really broke. Main brand though is my rollies. Couldn't go without 'em <3

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    I smoke Austin rolling tobacco. I don't smoke tailors much unless i'm out of bacci

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    Wait there are smokers here...
    Can you say pills here?

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    hookah and good cigars. nothing like a hookah to relax and the cigars are a tasty alternative.

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    I smoke nothing, because I've officially quit today!

    Used to smoke Camel's, however. I always found it ironic how they claimed to be a "Turkish Blend" but were made by a tobacco company in the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by user13640 View Post
    Wait there are smokers here...
    Can you say pills here?

    I smoke Pall Mall Blues.

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