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Thread: Anyone had experience with "peva" plastic pants?

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    Default Anyone had experience with "peva" plastic pants?

    My plastic pants got a tear in them...*sighs cheepy plastic* So I was looking for some new wares This website has a apparently very loud, new, plastic pants type. However the only review I can find of these "PEVA" plastic pants is a very negative one. Anybody herd anything on it?

    Here is the site,
    Plastic Pants For Adults
    The new kind is on the top, labeled "Gerber white"

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    I get my stuff from babykins. I think they r in vancouver Canada. Their plastics are not expensive and fit good and nice to wear.

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    if their plastic pants are anywhere near as good as their onsie you are golden. Their onsie is the best in that price range. The ones from adultclothdiaper, a site I thought would provide a better product, were horrible. The snaps pulled right off. Therefore I can assume their plastic pants are ok too\\
    Though, to be fair to Adult Cloth Diaper plastic pants THIS, which they say babies use now, is what I have used for the last few months and I enjoy them very much because they do not make me terribly hot, they prevent odor and of course do their intended purpose over disposable diapers.

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