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Thread: Darn Cat

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    Alright so i have this cat who is really clingy i mean i can't leave the room with out her meowing constantly SO the other day i went to bed and i ended up being woken up by a bite to the crotch. Well long story short the cat likes to sleep under the blanket with me and i ended up wetting the bed.( i do this like at-least twice a week. I ended up laughing about it the net morning when i realized i had peed on the cat. lol

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    .... lolololololololol

    ^Is all I can say XD

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    That is genius! XD

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    One word: OUCH! XD (Damn.)

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    Ugh. Reminds me of an embarrassing incident I had as a child where I wet the bed...and blamed the cat >.>

    Poor kitty, anyway :P

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    My cats just like to poke little holes in my diapers. Any one need some leaky plastic pantys?

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    Being a dog person, I had to offense. Conversely, if I've been wearing a wet diaper for a while, my dog looks at me, sniffs, and her expression seems to say, "Hey, when are you going to change that thing!"

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    Hope it wasn't a disposable diaper; the gel in those things can be a HUGE pain to clean up. That said, it was kind of a funny mistake on the cat's part. Maybe it won't try that again...

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