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Thread: dragon ball z / AB DL Questions

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    Default dragon ball z / AB DL Questions

    would chichi use the dragon balls to keep gohan her little baby boy forever?

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    I think she would.

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    probably yes, If I remember that show correctly she's that crazy.

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    if Nappa could go super sain would hi grow hair?

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    no because gohan had already grown up in the serie so this topic is just a waste of time

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    Quote Originally Posted by kakarotto24 View Post
    no because gohan had already grown up in the serie so this topic is just a waste of time
    Technically speaking, if Chi Chi were to obtain the dragon balls, then she could reverse time and make him her baby again. For the record, calling a topic a "waste of time", especially in the Off Topic forum, is very rude and unacceptable here at ADISC. Please try to be more polite when posting a comment.

    In my opinion, I don't think Chi Chi would go as far as to make Gohan her baby boy forever, but make him a proper gentleman and a scholar like she originally wanted him to be. Being her baby forever is going a bit too far in he world of fantasy if you ask me. And as for Nappa growing hair, naaaaaah. I'd say his shiny head would just emit a golden aura :P

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    Would Dragon Ball be a good anime if it had AB/DL themes?

    Likely not. But at least it's better then bleach.

    On a side note. Why has there been so little good anime/manga? Sure we had full metal, cowboy bebop and even trigun. But dragonball and bleach within about their first 20 episodes make me want to jam pens in my ears and pour bleach over my eyes.

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    For the question about Chi Chi i think she would go crazy herself trying to answer that because on one hand she would love to have her baby boy but on the other hand she also wanted gohan to be a grown scholar.

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    OK her another one. who here thinks that dragon ball GT was the worst.
    compared to dragon ball and dragon ball z? It waas the worst out of the three.

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    I have been watching GT the past few weeks. It may not be the best of the three, but I don't understand why everyone hates it so much. I think maybe DBZ just set expectations so high that nothing could meet them.

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