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    Does anyone know of were I could possible find like pooh bear sheets for a king size bed? Or any other AB themed sheets?

    Little Andy

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    I would say eBay. There is always a ton of AB related items on there. Often times, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, find a seamstress on there who is AB aware. They will often do what they can to accommodate your request.

    For example, I found a very nice seller (mystuff4uless) who made me two custom pairs of diaper covers that were in a different style and print than what she was selling. I am almost positive you could find another understanding seller who would sew some king-sized Pooh sheets for you. I would recommend maybe dropping her a request and see what she says.

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    LOL or you could learn how to sew or use a sewing machine by some fabric you like and make them yourself, otherwise ebay is a really good idea, you never know whats out there till you start looking

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    Getting the right fabric in bolts big enough for sheets could be a challenge.

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