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Thread: Squier by Fender guitars; Are they worth it?

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    Default Squier by Fender guitars; Are they worth it?

    I am thinking of getting a second electric guitar for traveling, and I don't want to buy another 700 dollar strat. I am, however, looking at a pre-owned Squier Affinity Strat, and at a price tag of $125, I think it is a bit more towards something I can use on the road. It looks like the pickups are stock, but there is definitely a new bridge on it. The stock is a 6 screw tremelo, the one on it is a vintage 2 bolt tremelo.

    I tested it out for about an hour, and the playability is incredible, even as good as my Tijuana Strat(700 dollars was after tax+amp+strings+Etc.) Sound is also incredible, though the bridge pickup is a bit fuzzier than my own strat, though that might just be the amp I played on, or the cable I used.

    But my question is, is it worth it to buy this guitar, and use it for when I am traveling, or should I stick with my only strat, and risk damaging its custom paint job?

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    To be honest if you're traveling, and not playing any shows I'd go for the Squire. I'd rather chance ruining or losing a $125 Squire than a $700 Mexican Fender. If you are planning to play shows though I would stick with the Fender. You're right about the playability too. The Squire Strats feel very similar to the Fenders. In fact I'd almost say that they are a little easier to play because the necks on the Squires tend to be a little thinner. I was in the same position you are now a couple years ago. I had a couple of American Strats and a Mexican one, but didn't want to risk hurting any of them. I ended up buying the Squire just to play around with when I traveled, and used the better Strats for playing shows and for playing at home.

    I'd go ahead an buy it, besides if it doesn't stay in tune, or you want a better sound you can always spend a couple hundred bucks to replace the tuners and pickups. If there is something you end up not liking about the Squire it is cheap enough you don't feel bad sinking some money into it to make it sound and feel like you want it too. Its also cheap enough that if it breaks it isn't a real big loss.

    If you want to talk guitars or have any guitar questions feel free to send me a message. I'm a junky for guitars, especially Fenders. I'll gladly talk about them any day of the week!!!

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    Well, the only thing I am going to replace are the strings, the ones on the guitar are shit to be frank. As for the bridge, it is a new bridge, and I tried it out a week ago and it stayed in tune for the most part, the guy said no one else touched the guitar since I did, so the strings are the only things that I will replace right off the bat. I also am taking a class at school for guitar, and I need a guitar that won't be so expensive to bang around a bit. (maybe do a Pete Townsend on it ) as both of my guitars total in value of excess of a thousand dollars. My classical is a Spanish made Garcia, and my Strat is a Mexican strat. My other option is a cheap firewood guitar from best buy...

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    Too each their own I guess. Personally I think a little road wear adds character. Guitars are for playing.. not for looking at ;p

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    If you're going to go in that price rage I'd suggest looking into the low-end Ibanez stuff. The Affinities are the shittiest of all of the Strats. It will cost you more (or possibly the same if you go used), but look into the Ibanez ART100. It's a LP style, but for the price it's amazing. Set-thru neck, mahogany body, good frets, TOM bridge, only thing I don't like about it are the electronics, but hey: you can replace those.

    But if you'd rather pay less, you can check out their GIO line which are made pretty cheaply, have poor electronics, etc., but they play amazingly. Better than any Squire I've ever played.

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    I bought my son a Squire a few years ago. They are considered by most to be the best buy for the money. You get a lot of quality for the price. When I bought his it was around 250.00 new. I don't see how you could go wrong.

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    I personally wouldn't go with a Squire electric, simply because it doesn't sound nearly as good as the Fender models. With basses, however, I've notices that a $300 Squire Jazz Bass sounds EXACTLY like a Fender model. With regular guitars, however, I would just save up a few more bucks to get a Fender tele or strat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I bought my son a Squire a few years ago. They are considered by most to be the best buy for the money. You get a lot of quality for the price. When I bought his it was around 250.00 new. I don't see how you could go wrong.
    I'm hoping your son's guitar is part of the Standard or Deluxe line, because if not, you were completely ripped off. NOBODY should be sold a Squire that's not a Standard series or higher for that price. And no, they are not the best buy for the money. I mean, the Classic Vibes are decent, but you can still do a lot better. Also, he plans buying an Affinity model. That's next to the lowest of their models (right after the bullet).

    Just raise your budget $75 and you can afford this: Ibanez RG120 Electric Guitar: Shop Guitars & Other Musical Instruments | Musician's Friend. That will blow that Affinity Strat out of the water. I strongly advise against getting that Squire.

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    If you already have a good strat I'd suggest getting something different. Maybe something with humbuckers or a different scale-length? Then you would have some variety to help get different tones out of your amp.

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    I was also looking at a new model they had which was a Fat Strat, also a squire, though the music I play is not meant to be played with a humbucker.

    Ian, The guitar I found is actually a Standard series, the guy who I asked about it was clueless on it. I had taken some pictures of it and the main serial number, and put it in here, and got a Squire Standard Series from 200X. I think for 125 pre-owned, and with it having a new bridge, it really seems to be a good deal. The sound is very close to my Mexican Strat, so I am pretty close to deciding on it.

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