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    Default Hello:)

    Found this site recently and am going to try out nappies full time this week, TB really for me, from UK, would like to get to know others from UK too!

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    Welcome to ADISC, I hope you enjoy your time here. Perhaps you could tell us a bit about yourself, beyond your TB interests. We have an excellent guide to introducing yourself here.

    I also noticed that you tried connecting to the chat. You won't be able to connect until you have leveled up to Contributor status.

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    Hello, and hurrah for another UK'er! I'd guess we're almost level with the Americans now!

    I shall second komodokitty's link to the guide, but have a few questions of my own (since I feel the helpsheet is lacking )...

    ... How long is your hair?
    ... Can you p-p-p-pick up a penguin?
    ... What would you with ten million pounds?
    ... Do you prefer primary or secondary colours?
    ... When do you usually go to bed?

    There A few random ones for you, from the cesspit that is my random mind

    Hello, welcome, hope you settle in here, and feel free to get to know me and the other UK'ers

    Dan x

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    Woo Welcome to the forums mate! We're getting quite a few new UK people lately

    Feel free to pm me, i love talking to new people hehe

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    Hi Zacc,
    welcome to the group, it's nice to see another UK member join in the fun and games. How about telling us a little more about yorself, things like your hobbies and interests, games, music, anything not related to obeing a TB. You might also want to check as there is a lot of the day today stuff you need to know.

    Another good page is which explains the levelling system, the higher level you are the more you cand, like chat, pm's etc.

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