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    After a huge spat with an ex-girlfriend, I took a look at my life and came tot he conclusion that infantilism in some way or another (I can't really explain) reminds me of her. Or something
    In any case, I've decided that I'm leaving infantilism behind (or at least taking a looong break).
    I wish you all the best of luck in all that you do and I hope that this place continues to grow and thrive. I won't forget any of you.

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    i wish you the best of luck then =].

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    Have a good break. We'll be here when and if you decide to come back

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    Well I'm sorry to hear that but bet f luck. And I'm I'm sorry to hear about yr ex*
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    but, but, but, what if someone named sora came around? you can't have sora without roxas

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    HEy Roxas,
    I'm sorry to hear about the spilt between you and your girfriend, but we will all be here whan and if you want or need to come back. Sorry again.

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    Good luck in wherever life takes you. If you come back, we'll be waiting! If you don't, enjoy yourself and keep your thoughts high!

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    Understandably. I wish you the best and we will be here if you ever decide to return. I am taking a semi-break... I am not here as often as I used to due to my much busier life now (since I got the job) and don't really have time for diapers anymore at the moment.

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