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    i tried both the m4 and l4 versions of abena the m4 were nice tight fit and i like the feeling abot how they were always on my but and hugging me and the l4s are bigger easier to put on and more absorbant i am planing on try to get bambinos the sample pack and i kinda wanna try both medium and large my waist size is 41 with measuring i wear 38 in pants so idk what to do plus does anyone know when bambino medium wil be back in stock

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    I think you wil lbe better off with the larger size - if my memory is right you will be at the top end of the size range for medium diapers and the larger ones will (as you say) hold more and be more comfortable. If you want a "snug" feeling without the constriction and possible chaffing of a slightly too small nappy you could try try wearing boxerbriefs or similar over the diaper. This works for me but we are all diffrent and you are best experimenting until you find what works best for you.

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    I have exactly the same issue (in fact made a thread about it a few days ago...)

    I find the M4 a good fit on waist but too tight round legs. So stick to L4. However, I've found Bambino to be smaller than Abena - the medium don't really fit me, so you will likely find the same.

    As for back in stock, email Bambino for the best answer... But as they get their diapers made in batches it may be a bit of time still.

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    I found that wearing cloth underwear over a diaper also drastically cuts down on the noise. It has me interested in going 24/7 sometime in the near future, possibly on some school break.

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    I'm also in between, and my pant size is 34-36. The Meds M-4 just don't fit right. Large for me!

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    go with the large the tapes should always be right inside your hips...

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