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Thread: Wearing a diaper over undies

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    What I really want is to get some adult-size cotton training pants covered with plastic pants.... but it costs too much for me right now. So I'm wearing a Depend pull-up (I like that you can buy a package of 6) over my regular tighty whities. I like to feel the wetness; most disposables try to make you feel dry.

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    You are right about disposables being designed to make you feel dry. There are several reasons why this isn't always appropriate and one that I experienced was (when fighting against incontinence) to know when I was leaking so as to try to stop and regain control. I had to wear a diaper because of accidents, but a cotton brief underneath gave the "instant wet" feeling you are looking for. I found bigger underwear could get in the way of the leak guards etc. in the diaper and cause problems, but skimpy cotton briefs did the job well. You are right to note the cost of adult plastic backed trainer pants (if that is what you mean) as the ones that are cloth with a built in plastic cover don't last very long. Probably cloth diapers and plastic pants would be cheaper and longer lasting.

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    I guess if you can't get cloth diapers it is a somewhat effective way to simulate them.

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    A cloth trainer and plastic pants to go over them is like $50-60. This costs less than $5 at Wally World.

    .. by the way, I hadn't tried it when I posted, now I have. I feel wet and my outer pants are dry. I like wetting my pants without a diaper too but this is way less messy.

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    This is why I wear cloth and plastic pants. I grew up with cloth diapers, so I enjoy cloth as it helps me regress to something which I actually wore as a baby and a toddler.

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